Interior Camera Settings


Really everything is great about this game, but omg some interior cameras are aids man… Why can’t turn 10 leave us select our preferred camera placement like Assetto Corsa or Project Cars? I think it really would give extra “wow” to overall experience. Couldn’t even drive my lambo aventador sv cause of weird fov.


Here is what I mean:

Lamborghini (facepalm)

Mercedes AMG A (FH3 vs PC)

Pagani Huayra (FH3 vs PC)


I agree 100% the FOV on Console is terrible.

They’d need to sort out the driver posture first. In some cars, the shoulders pop into view as you turn the wheel. A wider FOV would reveal this more often (a headless torso right in front of you).

But an adjustable FOV would be nice. Especially for those with big screens or sitting close to the screen, giving more effective screen estate.

Agree, absolutely disgusting FOV and horrible camera placement on most cars, which makes me almost never use cockpit view… Shame for a racing game…

Makes you feel like you’re driving like this

hope they fix camera angles and fov in next patches ,
also there is no camera for interior as i know that and cant see right sit !

pcars camera and fov is the best gift to any racing lover !

This will never happen !!! FH3 is a really nice game with cars to drive but not an simulation racing game . So t10 think we dont need this , unfortunately !
The Game is build to sit on a couch 2 meters away from the TV and play it .

FH3 fov is better than YOUR PC FOV … except your EYES are 2 cm in front of your screen .

I have to disagree! As a cockpit view only person, I find the FOV is exactly where it should be and is the best of all the sim racing games out there, including Project CARS! A limited range of adjustability would be nice from a person’s height perspective (taller, not shorter) but other than that, the FOV IMO is the finest in the Forza series period!

Please think about it ! The FOV is never the same for all people … Except all have the equal-sized monitor and sit equally far away !!! So a limited range is senseless. The height of an people is not really important . Important is how far away you from screen and how big is your screen .
Here you can calculate your FOV exactly ----- >
mine is 88 (horizontal FOV)@ project cars !!! 110" screen and 50" away
other people (if they want it realistic) need 35 if they have an 40" tv and sit 100" away .

Please just give us some adjustment options. Please! The the view from my Ferrari 250 Lusso is just awful… You just see the top of the steering wheel.

+1 for seat adjustment feature, too many cockpit views are too close to the windshield.

The view is not where it should be if you can’t see the left side mirror correctly. And in some cars you can’t even properly see in-car middle mirror cuz the view is too close to the wheel.

A cockpit view only person too.