Interesting little tweaks to game

I ran a few single player races yesterday and just wondered if anyone else had noticed a few little tweaks that I’ve not seen touted on the forums at all.

  1. My friends drivatars are now generally more competitive. When I first started playing there would always be 4-6 of my friends GT’s in the races but never anywhere near the front. Now it would seem there’s always my friends GT’s up the front of races. A little thing but it is a little more satisfying passing a friend for the win.

  2. Photo mode now allows you to reset damage - which also scrubs all the road dirt off your car. You can also move the watermark around when saving the picture - or at least choose which corner you want it to appear in. A little thing but I’m sure something the forzatographer’s appreciate.

  3. Passing Mod cards - these seem to have been tweaked - I was able to more or less pull over at the start of a race, so the field passed me and I was able to gain both good & perfect passes for retaking the field. Something I was unable to do early on in the game, often making those cards nigh on impossible to utilise.

& I have seen mention of this on the forums but switching drivatar aggression to off definitely makes them more compliant. I tried this in the early days and it didn’t seem to make much difference which position this was toggled to, but yesterday especially when I was trying to let the field pass me, some cars seemed very reluctant to even do that until I’d pulled right off the road.

I’m sure there was something else as well - if it comes back to me I will add it to this list.

Anyone else noticing these things?

I noticed most of what you mentioned. I noticed my friends Drivatars did better in the Forza Cup races I ran this weekend but I’ve tried switching the Drivatards on and off but they still cause needless mayhem, it’s almost like they brought the worst of the multiplayer experience to the single player campaigns. Which brings me to the damage scrub option in the photo mode, which I love. I got used to taking a few photos during my practice laps if I wanted photos of an undamaged car.

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I noticed this too about the drivitars being more competitive and my friends being near the front.
There is so much I like about this game on the single player side. That’s something I haven’t enjoyed since FM4.
I’m not playing multiplayer right now so I guess that’s why the game is working so wonderfully for me. Will be going online once leagues open.

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Only thing I’ve noticed is my son’s drivatar always starts in pole position where he used to start one position in front of me(11 I think, but I Coulda swore last night I started in 13th). Cause of this he generally finishes better in races too.

In free play I’ve started all over the place, don’t remember this from before

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Advanced settings in freeplay allow for random grid ordering when turned on. I’ve had a pole and two front row starts with this setting.

If you get a really bad grid position using random you can quit > restart and usually, 8/10 times gives you a better one and only takes 5 seconds(does not reload the whole race again). Depends on Drivatar setting but on unbeatable position 22-24 on the Virginia track is not very kind and could be seen as torture.

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Something else I’ve noticed :

There was a long thread about tuning and then having to go to freeplay to test the tune. Something alot of people were complaining about. But, no one stopped to mention the ADDED Bonus of getting PAYED Credits for testing your tune!
I just recieved 24k in credits for test driving my tune on a Porshe at Nurburgring GP set to timed for 20min. No mods used or I could have earned more. I thimk I will drop the time down to 10-12 min and see how many credits I recieved.

No recent Forza Motorsport paid credits for you to tune and test drive. Now I might get back into tuning more.

Thats great but in order to change your tune while also being able to test it out you still need to be in ‘test drive’ in the freemode menu. Sure you can test what you’ve done but most tuning requires trial and error and many adjustments to get right, at least for me. I need to be able to tweak something, drive a corner, and then tweak again for the next corner. (or more usually rewind and do the same corner again) which means I need to be in ‘test drive.’ It would be nice to have a test drive option right in the tuning menu or something.

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