Interesting feature in Forzavista! SPOILER ALERT



I noticed something interesting, if this is common knowledge, then call me an idiot… =D

When viewing the beautiful Maserati Pininfarina, I opened the hood and then just left the game running, I was probably googling the car on an ipad or something. Then out of nowhere the guy repairing your barn finds starts speaking of Maserati brothers and the car, just like the good old comment tapes on Motorsport forzavista. I was pretty surprised because I was looking for this kind of feature in the game, but have not yet to find it. The other car with a similar comment tape was the barn find Jag.

Again, I will feel like a complete idiot if everybody just knows of the feature, but based on a quick google search, could not find anything of it. I wonder how many comment tapes there are…

I noticed this also, it seems to have a little spiel about every manufacturer, but not necessarily each specific car. At least from what I can tell.

Yeah, in some cases there is only general information about the manufacturer, in some cases a brief history of the model’s family (like in the case of the Mitsubishi Evos), and in some cases some sauce on the specific model of car you’re looking at. Sure, I would’ve preferred Warren to tell me why any specific car in the game is special, but this is a compromise I can happily live with (and besides, some cars aren’t all that special after all!).