Inside Building Glitch Discovered?

Not sure it has already been reported, but I may have discovered a glitch that ends up with your car inside or on top of buildings, structures and other areas normally restricted during normal play.
Festival VIP Area

Edinburgh Train Station Car Park

Festival Castle
I find it odd that there is a small party going on inside a building that you’d never normally see, but hey ho!

There’s a few of these around.

Pretty easy to jump onto the parapets of Bamburgh castle and drive over people.

No jumping required and can be reproduced almost anywhere.
Festival VIP Area
Player House Balcony

Basically, anywhere you cannot go normally.

This is on XB1X, so not PC jiggery pokery either or Photoshop!
Wall Cop Car

Ok, how do you do it? Can you get on the taller buildings? Would be nice for photos.

You can’t really get on top of the tall buildings. You just end up just falling from 10,000 ft.
If you go to the “Edinburgh City Sprint” Road Series event and chose “Solo” > “Custom Events”, search for “SKYFALL GLITCH” and you can see what I mean.

When I posted it, I figured it had been discovered before but had never seen it mentioned.

But sure enough, I later came across a post on Reddit and a video from the German Youtuber “TRM” showing very similar things.

I recently completed a custom event and afterwards it spawned me on top of the Festival HQ.

Should win the photo comp lol.

That’s just the old end the custom route race near a wall isn’t it? Don’t go too close to the bridges in the North or further up the city, the graphics get all screwy and vanish and your screen will just turn black if you fall off so you have to restart your game.

There is also at least one misaligned rock wall you can slip through for photos in a house parking lot. Then two fences in the city you can wedge a smaller car like the Capri in and it will fall through. Neat thing to do if you’re bored.

It’s annoying how they can’t create an update without bugs in it.

I think I should list the bugs…

1/ Camera in Buildings
2/ Blue arrows to Drift zones stay on forever.
3/ Paint changes back to stock colours all the time especially in the auction.
4/ Sound glitches all the time especially after a fast bootup.
5/ If you flip an item in the Vinyl Editor, and then scale it the image doesn’t scale it flips upside down instead.
6/ Sometimes in the menus you can only move the selection horizontally, and not vertically.
7/ Invisible wall bug at high speeds.
8/ Popping textures at high speeds.
9/ Sometimes the Ai cars can’t get through the gates.

I don’t know all the Lego bugs. I don’t have Lego expansion.

The rest of the bugs are not going to alter the game too much.

Inside the shed at the Quarry. I got stuck between the silos and the edge of the roof after jumping up there. I reset my car position and just sort of fell through the roof when I spawned. Someone drew in broken fluorescent tubes all over the place in there. I haven’t been able to reproduce it but I did get a game capture.

I don’t understand that image capture it downloaded something to my computer.

Sorry about that, I can’t seem to get the image to show up in the post. I tried to do it from one drive and from my gallery on this site. If you want to copy and paste here is the url for the picture in my gallery:

That works! Not a regular type of image file.