Inserting Logos HELP! (console)

Hello all. I am trying to put my company’s logo on some of my GT cars for online racing. Thought it would be cool to see in the game.

I replicated the logo as best I could using the shapes available, but its not perfect. Is there any way to upload the actual logo from my computer to “my vinyl groups” so that I can use the exact logo on my car?


When you say from my computer to my vinyl groups - did you make the logo in the editor on fm7 on PC and are now trying to use it on the xbox?

I only have the xbox but the general process after creating and saving a vinyl group in the editor. Go in to Paint Car>Apply Decals>click on new layer>from menu that pops up load a layer group.

You can position re-size, ungroup it again if you need to whatever after that.

Does that help at all?

Thanks DamMe2006. I don’t have the PC version. I designed the logo on the console, but the design capabilities are somewhat limited in Forza’s design program. What I’m looking to do is import an image of the actual logo into forza somehow. Like a JPG and put it on my car. Not sure if thats possible.

In short - no it’s not possible and I’m pretty sure never will be to import Jpegs etc in to Forza. The design editor is as limited as your imagination to be fair, as just about everything and anything has been painted at some point.

Your logo doesn’t look all that complex - especially if you don’t mind it being on a white/solid background. That would make making those curves around the gear knob much easier to replicate. Just a few circles squished in the right places laid over each other. It would be doable but much more time consuming to make the arched bits otherwise.

Someone may make it for you if they have the time, got a couple of projects I need to finish at the moment and kind of detest text/ logo’s generally, so probably not your man.

Good luck with it though.



Here is the logo. If anyone could do a mockup on it that would be great too! The one I did is pretty good but not totally accurate.

Сool. I recently ordered a logo design for my girlfriend’s dance Studio, collaborated with Logo made high quality, look great and on a large canvas, gave the order even 3 days before the promised date. We were very pleased with their work.

Thanks for the help, friends.