Insane records

I hit the broadway windmill danger sign at about 260 mph in a Ferrari 599 and went 670 meters… the record is 11,220 meters… how could anyone jump that far?

If you encounter leaderboards with suspicious times, use the menu to Report it for the developers to investigate.

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We shouldn’t have to. Run a script yourselves or cast a casual eye on the top 10 occasionally.

Max doesn’t work for either T10 or PG.

Respectfully, I may be mis-remembering (or hey, just flat-out wrong), but I swear I recall approximately five or six months ago on one of the PG streams there was discussion about reporting/bans and the Mike guy (?) or someone else admitted that the in-game Report Suspicious Behavior menu item does absolutely nothing (or if it does, it is ignored and nothing will happen).

It was said that leaderboard tomfoolery would fall under cheating and requires sending a ticket with leaderboard screenshot to Support and they will investigte the information provided to them and based on thier findings take whatever action is necessary or warrented; Support also tells you as much in their ticket responces.

The dev statements were also followed by a considerable amount of related chirping here on the forums by the usual suspects, so someone else around here may also recall.

I did that when a guy posted top scores in a BMW 850CSI…a week before the car was available. Figured they would at least look at that one. But yeah, no.

Wait til you see the records set in some D-class cars…lol

My favorite is the 7500 kg Ghurka near the top of the leaderboard at the Bamburg Danger Sign. lol.

You will find a number of impossible top scores. Speeds that can’t be attained by any car. A-, B-, C-, and D-class cars sitting near the top of the leaderboards.

As Max said, you can use the menu to report the suspicious behavior. It is unsure how much attention is paid to that, but you are encouraged to do so.

For your personal sake, look at your percentage rank. There is one for your group of friends, and a global one. The global one reflects how well you did vs the thousands that have tried that event, not just the 100 that know a way to cheat the system.

When I went on my quest to get top 1% global on all the drift zones I found scores in the millions done by the isseta… luckily there’s only a couple of those scores so you can still get into that too 1% with a normal human high score. It is annoying that there’s no leaderboard moderation but I guess they did technically “get” that score/speed/distance so what can you do.

I have some 1% scores, but it would be great to just have real scores on there.

But how do you know that D500 Abarth didn’t go 346 mph? Or leap 36,000 ft? lol

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