Ingame chat problems

Since the championship has started I have massive problems wirh the ingame chat. I can see that someones talking and then I hear someone anwering and so on.
So of like 8 people talking I can hear at most 4. And not everyone can hear me.
I heard that the chat has been broken in some way…might it be that way?

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The only thing that works for me is doing a full shutdown fom the settings ( where you get the green loading screen on boot).

And that only works for the first session afterwards…

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The thing where some people can’t hear other people is a constant problem, and which people can hear each other tends to change from race to race. Unplugging and replugging your headset will sometimes fix it, or at least change the subset of people who can hear you and the different subset whom you can hear, but it’s temporary and you basically have to keep doing it over and over again.

Luckily I hate listening to chat so I sit in a party even if I’m playing on my own.

all right, so just wait and see iff they somehow manage to solve that…

Ok, repluging the mic several times seem to work. Funny thing is, when I unplug the headset, I can hear everyone’s talking over the TV, replug and some are gone. At some point it seems to work then…what a wierd thing.

The chat has been broken since day one. Sometimes it helps to unplug and re-plug the headset. Sometimes…

Once the games been out a short while, I’m sure they’ll get round to fixing chat issues on multilayer. I’m sure they know that working chat is a pretty fundamental and basic feature in today’s online gaming so they’ll be sure to sort it. Just be patient.

@PTG Claret - in game chat has been broken since the release of FM5; we’re well into the lifecycle of FM6 and this issue still hasn’t been addressed. Many organised races have been using party chat instead but that can only support 12 or 16 participants at a time so has it’s own set of issues for larger lobbies. T10 really needs to address the whole gamechat issue; Unplugging/plugging the mic is a sloppy workaround as folks have indicated it doesn’t always address the underlying issue