Infected and Party Games!?!?!?

WHY are you making it so hard to be able to play infected??? I don’t want to be forced to play that awful flag game mode, survival and king just to be able to play with other players. I shouldn’t have to drive to a party game location, choose infected then PRAY 3/4 people join from in the lobby. I’ve been waiting over an hour and not a single player has joined. Just go back to being able to search for lobbies of the game modes YOU want to play. Forza Horizon 1 has this PERFECT and yet for some reason you refuse to go back to how it was. Please fix this it’s so frustrating.

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I don’t know why T10 and PGG do this.

They have a template for the greatest car racing party mode and they choose to limit it or not use it at all.

Fine, they don’t want Motorsport associated with party games, but it should definitely be in Horizon.

T10/PGG need help? Look at Forza 4, copy that and you’re golden.

Please sort this out I just wanna play infected in a full lobby :frowning:

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Your feedback has been noted, I’ll forward this onto the team.

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I am happy to play infected on the weekend. I will add you.

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I have started a thread here to gather interest for infected.

I have created an xbox club called FH4 Infected. I created it outside the game so it should not interfere with your main FH4 clubs. Feel free to join to assist finding people to play infected.

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I’m also looking for some friends to play these party games with

What they really need to bring back is the old flag rush!!! I dont like this new capture the flag version. Its boring


So that’s what’s going on here. I’ve been wondering why I never see the old FH3 notification that someone wants to start a game of infected or whatever. So I actually have to drive to the spot and select to join, and hope others join in also? I’ve been playing for weeks and had no idea.

I think FH4 is great and probably my favorite Forza game to date so I’m not complaining, but a lot of this stuff is not very intuitive coming from how FH3 worked. I still don’t really understand how to join a convoy or however the multiplayer works now. My focus has been getting through all of the races solo and then getting into the multiplayer stuff, but I thought I’d figure it out by now lol.

I know this thread is a bit old, but so is only being able to play in team games.

Yes you can start a solo game in the online session / freeroam, but who is really going to join them?

Ranked Team Games has people manipulating / cheating the scoring system - and teams boost players higher up the ladder, by having a separate account of league 20, 0 points and they quit before the end to maintain low points and manipulate the scoring system.

Please bring back solo games mode and add ranked solo games. You did this for racing, why not games?

Wow the playground games are team only. I haven’t touched one in FH4 because I hate them but I feel for you guys that do play them. I mean when the racing online adventure was team only I almost gave up on the game. The mind boggles thinking about how they came up with their original concept of FH4. Now they’re wasting valuable time and resources adding fixes making it how it should have been in the first place.

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I’d guess it’s team based to help more people get used to it and possibly improve.

I didn’t do much PGG in FH3, there were just players that had played it so long, they were good. In FH4, I stuck it out, actually learned the game, now I’m usually one of the, if not the top performer on my teams.

You can help some by talking them through it to improve, others, there’s no hope.


I agree, Further on, I quite like the current concept and execution of playground games.

I too love the solo games please add them back in ranked and unranked as asked in my previous thread before it was almost immediately locked

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