incompatible parts tune

i have tryed to tune up car below from stock with the recomended tune but for some reason it comes up incompatible parts anyone else had this problem

Car: 2010 Pagani Zonda R
Race: Goliath (Finale - Top middle of the map)
Recommended Tune: “S2 AWD” by “FRP Mididouze”

they changed some available parts for tunes a few months ago when they the issue with the Toyota Hilux sinking in the road
maybe that tune was put up before these changes were made now making it incompatible
you will find quite a few of the Hilux tunes incompatible too unless the creator deleted them
just try a different tune

it’s basically old tunes using parts that are no longer useable

Jonk1969 will probably know more about the issue

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thers more than one off the same model doing this so that could explain why cheers mate

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