Can someone explain to me why my gamertag has suddenly become inappropriate?
I’ve been behaving, honest!
Seriously, it won’t let me save a picture to share and it’s my gamertag tripping it.


Scratch that, I can’t post a picture at all. With nothing in the description it still trips the INAPPROPRIATE disclaimer.
SO I’m now prevented from posting pictures.


How many photos do you have posted? It could be you’ve reached whatever the limit is, but the message has the incorrect wording. Have you tried unsharing some photos?

It’s a weird language filter. As B Wald said, it’s seems that if MS is offended by way too many words in the English language. Try contacting Xbox Support.

Played with it a bit more and it seems to be that specific photo was bugged. I removed everything, changed the selections in the drop down and it still tripped. I tried a diff photo same car, info and all information in description identical, and it slid right through.

Something simply was hinky I guess? Oh well, nothing lost but a bit of time. Very odd though. As for totalphoto’s, I’m going to say right at about 50? Is the cap 300, 500 like tunes, paints etc?

Maybe you needed to smile at the screen while posting? LOL! Mysterious stuff. Glad it is fixed, though.

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I too have run foul of the inappropriate filter and although I can understand why it still seems a bit foolish to ban the name of a group that sponsors motorsport worldwide and can be seen on cars competing across the entire spectrum of world motorsport however as I said I can understand why this occurs. What company has run foul of the filters but can be seen worldwide without causing any offence well it’s HISCOX INSURANCE of course, now many Forza participants are probably customers of the company and some of you may actually receive sponsorship from them but you will not be seeing them on Forza any time in the foreseeable future no matter how large their involvement in sponsoring motorsport is.

The filters belong to Xbox Live. If you have something legitimate, you should post to the forums with the information. ALL games with user input areas are affected, not just Forza or Horizon.

Let me be clear here. I posted nothing any different than the 50 previous pictures.
It was a bugged picture. Nothing more, the filter was tripping in error and I haven’t had the problem since.
The picture that was bugged has been deleted. The one after it was labeled identically and posted fine.

I have had the same issue with a design before not sharing, was rather annoying trying to fix it only to find out that is I made a second copy I could share that one and delete the first one.