Inappropriate content.. Why?

I’m trying to share a design but I get an error because of my description: Blocked by language filter, it says. And it’s not the file name as I’ve tried by entering a bunch of random numbers as description.

“Accurate replica of the Norwegian police vehicle”. What’s so inappropriate about that?

You just need a generic file name. The system cannot scan the livery itself.

There is nothing wrong with the file name. As soon as I remove “Norwegian” from the description it works perfectly.
It’s a flawed and broken language filter that is the problem.

So, what you’re saying is that you did as I suggested and it worked? You’re welcome.

True but I wanted to use “Norwegian” for accuracy of what it really was. Changed the word with “Norway” and it ended up working out anyways. :slight_smile:

As I understood it, you meant to “change the name of the file”. Which was not the problem, so no. But if you meant something else I’m sorry. English is not my native language so I misinterpret things from time to time. :stuck_out_tongue:

My apologies - I did mean to type ‘file description’ rather than ‘file name’. Regardless, the filter system is all the same and, as Snowowl stated, Microsoft manages its parameters, not Turn 10. You just have to work around it, appropriately.

The language filters come from Xbox and are universal for all Microsoft Games Studios games, the forums and over on, too. The filters are what they are, and there’s no changing them. Alter, shorten or revise what you’re using.

I agree that they’re annoying, but it’s usually not that difficult to shorten somehow and still get the same idea. It’s not like liveries that aren’t just carbon with a black stripe get used much anyways.

Microsoft hates Norwegians

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Personally when sharing less is more. less words its easier to share and easier for people to find.

This crops up every few months, and the answer is that it is what it is as far as filtering is concerned. More curious would be how to calculate the weight those great big, heavy helmets obviously needed for some people here: :slight_smile: