Inappropriate Content on Cars Online

I just wanted to a) remind people that it’s against the Xbox Live TERMS OF SERVICE to place inappropriate images on your car in online use. b) if you see a car with inappropriate content in multiplayer/league racing, please save the replay and report the player. Once you have saved the replay, you can contact me and I will tell you what to do with it.
This is a topic that I feel pretty strongly about. I have an eight year old grand daughter who likes to watch her grandpa race. It has gotten her interested in cars and Motorsport, and I like that. But, some folks put things on their cars that children shouldn’t see. Apparently, using these images on cars in career mode can also make them show up on your drivatar, so there in no safe way to use these types of images.
I hope you will all work with me to remove the images I’m talking about ( drug references, profanity, racism and pornography are just a few).

Thanks for reading this rant.



As I don’t do much online racing, I haven’t seen any while racing when I do. But I have seen that garbage when I’m browsing paints. When I see it I always hit the ‘report offensive content’ option. I’m not sure if this does anything…

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All those paints are logged and reviewed by Turn 10 staff/moderators. They are then given a ban and if they continue putting offensive material online they will receive a longer ban, and then a perma-ban. We all see the posts on these forums saying someone was banned for no reason. It’s always wreckers and people posting offensive material.

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It would be nice if you could report a livery directly from a lobby, in the same way that you can download one.

That’s not going to happen though, not in this title at least.

No kidding, but we do have an effective method. :slight_smile:

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When I see it in a lobby I simply download the paint right there. then when done racing for the night go in to my paints and report it there. Its a couple extra steps but it does the job.


That is a great idea. I’m for whatever it takes to identify it and eliminate it.


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I’ve never seen any to be honest but I’ll look. Most people I see just roll with a solid color.


I notice more at certain times of day, and it’s usually after school has ended for the day, so lots of young kids being silly. Then again late at night for some odd reason. lol. Maybe somebody else’s school day ends around then!

I agree, but sadly, like all things in this modern social media saturated world we now live in. It’s the minority that cause the bulk of the issues we face.

For those ppl that come in complaining that Turn 10 should fix this or that when it comes to filters and wording, they SHOULD BE BLAMING THOSE RESPONSIBLE in the first place.

That is, the misfits that do the so called “humourous content” in the first place. Be they adult or child.

It’s those few that create the need for Turn 10 to create such elaborate filters in the first place. Sadly those nitwits will never stop, no matter what a developer or company may choose to do to combat it.

Those ppl will find ways around it. So filters become even more finicky around word suggestion, combination of words or letters used that could spell out something offensive etc.

It’s the world we live in, and in part, we’ve created it, intentionally or not. Simply for the need “to be connected” and be part of this ever expanding World Wide Web.

One that now even intrudes into the cars we buy and the household appliances etc.

We must be patient with ppl like Turn 10, who are really only trying to protect its users from those few nitwits that cause the problem in the first place. No amount of knuckle wrapping or banning will stop them.

They’ll create a new gamer tag and start again. Use a different ISP address, and start again.

All the while causing more heavier filters, word banning and generally making life more difficult for those of us that simply want to share our creations with other like minded individuals.

It’s a crying shame really, but we’re in the middle of this sandwich, do we must adapt… Unfortunately…


Adapt? Conform?


Although because I can doesn’t mean I should…

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I certainly don’t blame Turn 10 for this. They have provided an amazing gaming platform that also encourages and promotes creativity. To stop the ignorant behavior they would be forced to limit what they offer.
Therefore, it falls upon the eyes of those who actually see the inappropriate content, to save the replay and follow the only procedures we have available to deal with it.




Although this won’t help prevent seeing these liveries online, you can set the drivatars to have stock liveries in single-player, so you can at least prevent that. It’s a shame to see people abuse the livery editor though…


By “adapt” I certainly don’t mean “conform” more like “inform”…

That’s the “adapt” part of it. And I like the idea of grabbing the offensive livery and then reporting it once you’re out of the lobby.

Luckily I’ve not come across anything with in career with Drivatar Livery Activated… Been too busy watching the track than others livers hehehe.

But great idea nonetheless …

Certainly not into “conforming” in any way mate lol…


Some people seem to think that if they are not playing multiplayer, only single player ,that their inappropriate liveries wont get seen…wrong
They forget they are on ther drivatars and then wonder why they get banned

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Very true mate. I’ll have to keep my eye out more often to check liveries out. Creep up behind, pass slowly and check them out by freezing game in photo mode.

One could take a pic of said livery, but the owner of it wouldn’t show up even with name above cars, would it???