Inactivity during race?

I just noticed that during a event race i got the message ‘inactivity’ and it actually booted me during the race?

Is this a new feature or something?


Happened to me when I was browsing car tunes. Not as bad as when driving but I was active so It shouldn’t of happened.

Example - Disconnected due to inactivity

Were you active?

This is brutal. :smiley:

This started happening to me after the update as well. Restarted my PC and it still happens. If I use controller it happens. If I use keyboard it happens. It only happens during races. I can play around in freeroam for an hour and nothing but if I race in a race for just a couple minutes… bam, inactivity.

Double post by accident

no its not new!
it was in forza horizon 4 as well.

you cant be inactive for a more than a few moments

i think its a great and awesome feature to kick all those who troll events!

I’m going to guess you completely skipped over the part where we said we were actively racing when it happened… Like in the middle of a race. Lap 1… Going 170mph. Bam, kicked from inactivity.


nope not at all
but, what i do know is people say a lot of things that may not be entirely true!

Who are you to come in here and say we’re lying about our issue? If you’re not a mod please kindly leave this thread. The nerve of people.

Yeah, mostly tuners, they are the worst!

I also started getting this since last patch. Prior to last patch, I never had this issuse. It only happens to me during races. Twice I was about to win the race and cross the finish line and it kicked me. This is infuriating. Might note I was in a convoy playing with friends.

Has this been fixed because I literally had to quit playing this game because of this issue. My friends keep asking me to play but none of them are getting this problem. I would like to play with them again

Just tried racing, still having issue. Haven’t been able to play in almost a week.