Inaccurate Placement Standings

I frequently play in a Convoy with friends. Often our placements are just not accurate. Just today it happened solo, so I’m here posting about it.

Once we had a very secure 1st, 2nd, 3rd finish with the drivatar in 4th. After crossing the line it showed we had 1st, 3rd, and 4th - with the drivatar in 2nd.
The last race I just had, I was playing solo and was easily 10+ seconds ahead of the drivatars, my first place changed to a 2nd on the influence reward screen… the drivatars didn’t even finish the race when I hit the button to continue. It’s quite annoying.

Here’s a close race 18 second video for fun, but this happens soooooooo often.

I suppose on the video we were close enough there could be some lag/latency issues… but it happens even with a drastic lead. Seems like some checks and balances are out of place

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It was kind of funny at first… but I don’t know, it’s pretty aggravating now. Happening all weekend long.

Hope the next update addresses this.

I’ve experienced the same thing, but thought it was an intentional “punishing” method, since it only occured when I overtook a drivatar maybe a tad unfairly… :wink: No post-race ranking changes in clean races so far for me. If it really is intentional I consider it a good way to encourage clean racing…

I don’t think that that should be a thing in this game though. That’s what regular Forza is all about. Horizon where you place you place, maybe it you don’t get bonus points for having a clean race but it shouldn’t effect placement, it hasn’t in the past.

I have had the same issue
Playing co-op with my husband and whenever we finish a race a I clearly place 2nd (or whatever I get) when I finish the race it clearly shows the correct placement but once the leaderboard pops up it puts me 2+ placements lower then I actually got.

It really sucks since he is getting way more points then I am we aren’t able to progress through the story at the same pace.

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I believe this has to do with the slow-motion end screen. My friend and I tested it a few times, and this is the strongest result: he had 2 drivatars a short distance behind him while he was in 3rd, and I was already finished in 1st. He finished, and before the slow-motion had finished, the 2 drivatars behind him had passed him.

It may have something to do with when the slow-motion is actually playing, like it may consider you being right BEFORE the finish instead of PAST it.

Below is a link to 3 screenshots off of an Xbox One recording for the above result.

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Very interesting! The only thing that doesn’t quite add up with this is the Goliath Race (Or Colossus, can’t remember) where I had a substantial lead and it still dropped me down to 2nd.

It’s almost as if the game doesn’t recognize that the drivatars wipe out or go off the road and sometimes they just put them in the place where they ‘should have’ finished, instead of where they actually finished, like two sets of running numbers.

Sigh, hope this gets addressed soon though, especially for the people that are playing through the game together and don’t have access to the same events!

Yea, have the same issue & it’s very frequent & annoying. Will likely also impact average finishing position unfortunately.

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+1 same thing happening with me (PC). Very annoying.

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Happened to me too a few times. And the worst part is that it happened mostly online. The last one was the worst, I just overtook my opponent in the last corner going for 2nd place, and I was clearly in 2 place at the finish line, then the standings showed me in 3rd place…! Annoying to say the least.

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Immensly frustrating. Especially in ranked, where you overtake someone on the last stretch, look behind you and cheer abit becouse your team just overtook them in points. Poof, placement screen, nope, he came in before me even though I was looking at him behind me.

Edit: To clean up the post abit, and to reflect upon when I’ve seen this. It is actually mostly if you are very vary close at the finishline, and cross with less than a carspan between two players. If that shines any light to what might be causing it.