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I’ve been very vocal about issues with FM7 and trying to get them resolved, but the entire time I’ve been supportive and defended Turn10 when people threatened to get a refund, but now I’m starting to get annoyed. I feel like Turn10 doesn’t care about their fans anymore. FM7 is VERY broken, the release has been a disaster and they remain silent. I was told to come here and check the forums for updates on issues, but all I see is post after post of people reporting issues with no response from T10. Why are we being kept in the dark? I feel like if I pay $100 for a game that basically is a beta, the maker of the game should be damn apologetic and should be very vocal about issues and what is being done about them. At MINIMUM, there should be a weekly update on what is being done. Instead we are left in the dark, feeling like Turn10 has ripped us off (which at this point they have). You guys are killing your fan base, and its really disappointing to see how much you don’t seem to care.

I’m begging you, please give us some sort of weekly update, to at least show you are working on fixing this mess. That way we don’t have to sit here and feel cheated and like you guys aren’t doing a damn thing about it, rolling around in our hard earned money.


Totally agree. Have been feeling pretty disappointed with the complete lack of any communication or understanding the last few weeks with the still quite vast amount of bugs/glitches. Fair play with the VIP thing, they spoke up about that relatively quickly. But since then, aside from very minor weekly updates, they’ve been very quiet. It really doesn’t feel me with confidence when after over 3 weeks, there’s still such a large amount of problems; be it performance, graphical glitches, no 2x VIP still, downgraded windshield rain effects, unfinished animations etc. This is exactly why i won’t pre-order from turn 10 again. Whilst i see the game’s great potential, i feel like i’ve paid £65 for a beta.


I have answered you via email earlier today.

Thank you

The week in review is their weekly feedback/update source afaik.

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I’m feeling exactly the same as the op. And on week in review, there was no word on an update to come. I know, they are working on it, but a little bit of info would be appreciated. By now, I also kick my heels: when does the game ultimately start?
One of my favourites to spend lots of playtime on, the auction house isn’t even announced. The sounds, whilst not bad, start to bore me (check out the threads to know the issues), and I must confess, that I’m also waiting for that old new VIP payout. Don’t have credit issues, but that’s because I don’t spend loads of it, and got no problem with little grinding sessions. If I had more, I’d buy more. And due the game starts to be not so much fun as in the beginning, I almost only play for the cars from the specialty dealer. At least this week, with that Pagani. No problem with the Pagani, but please: do something!

I cannot believe, that T10 really has no idea, when things will happen. The Patch may be difficult, the auctionhouse may cause problems, but there has to be a schedule on both, no? Just developing on the off chance - seems unlikely.

While I’m talking about grinding: has anyone noticed, that in timed races there is no bonus for drivatar difficulty anymore? I’d like to do one hour races, instead of 50 laps, but it turns out useless compared, because 100% bonus is missing.

Fortunately, I don’t experience greater issues like some others here, but some little bugs annoy me, too.

Yes there was, under the large font UPDATE ON FORZA 7 VIP:

The very fact that they have already issued an update with fixes (which was also described in the Week in Review) and will release another soon is evidence that they are listening and responding.

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I didn’t say, they aren’t listening. I even said, that I know, they’re working on it and that an update is to come, with the overhauled vip, is known well. The previous update was downloaded, the patchnote was read. I’m not dumb, you know?
I was talking about an announcement and maybe some content info (besides vip) about future updates!
Maybe, another quick look on what the op and me posted would help?

Another edit: maybe itbwas a bit too enthusiastic to say “exactly like the op”. I don’t feel ripped off and don’t think, the game is broken. There I better had read another time.

Where are ALL THESE PROBLEMS people keep mentioning? I haven’t had a single one.

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You have the auction house, roaring sounds and double VIP payout? That’s what I was talking about, besides some minor bugs…

Edit: this one was to sdwaltz30