In need of some slightly urgent help regarding a save game

Went to load of FM6 and it went to the sync screen and couldn’t retrieve it several times so I decided to look in the game management and noticed there’s two saves & I’m pretty sure there shouldn’t be.

Would removing the smaller file fix my issue?

God knows - just don’t delete anything without knowing the right answer.

I’d suggest pm’ing Snowowl - he’s a bit of a legend when it comes to sorting technical issues.

This is exactly why I’m waiting for some expertise :wink:

I’ve noticed a few other games are doing it as well such as Trials Fusion, but still two save games doesn’t look great.

Contact Xbox Support before deleting anything.

I would suggest going Offline in the network settings, doing a hard restart, and going back online. It has worked for me sometimes.

I’ve noticed some mention of a local save in other threads - but too new to XBone and it’s workings to provide any serious advice.

Hope you get sorted soon mate.


Ouch, as DamMe said, don’t delete anything till you get a proper answer. I checked my own save file, and I only have one and it was only ~80 MB.
Just hope this is a isolated issue and that you’ll get it sorted without loosing anything.

Another bit of information. ‘Cannot get a Teredo IP address’ this happened before not long ago and the only fix was to factory reset my Xbox One after researching it and that’s what others had to do. I’m hoping I don’t have to do it again so I’m going to follow the procedures and see what happens.

PM in 2 secs


That’s a real bummer. I hope you get it sorted out and don’t lose anything. Wish I could help but I don’t have an answer for this one.