In-Game rewards during this ForzaRC or can i pass?

Hi !

Not interested in multiplayer and competitive events, as well as not considering Forza polished enough to allow for decent wheel users competition, i’d just like to know if there will be in game cars & gears rewards for it ?
Just want to know if i’m going to miss any “exclusive content” T10 seem to like so much…

Thanks a lot.

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Not gonna feed a troll, but I’ve often gone into theses kind of events and been given gift cars for doing nothing.

What ?
It’s a legit question.
Not agreeing with me doesn’t make me a troll.

So they are indeed gifting in-game stuff during ForzaRC ?

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It feels a bit like bait with the wheel comment, but it’s borderline. It’s an aspect of the game I might try but I’m not going to put massive effort into it. But set a few times and see what you get.

i couldn’t do this because i sleep during the day. hopefully they can give some of these things out for people who do well in the competition

You can still receive most of the prizes by rewatching the old stream.

Where can I rewatch?