in game Nav can get you lost

Has anyone else noticed from time to time the nav gets confused and tells you to turn left when the map shows right and vice-versa, and in some cases not mention an upcoming junction where you need to turn off, also when following the nav to any random destination and starting a drivatar challenge race the map doesn’t always change destination to show you the way to the finish line, so you follow the map and end up losing the race because you’re following a completely different route to your opponent, another issue is when approaching roundabouts the nav forgets which country its in, for example, on a basic four way roundabout the first turn would be the the one on the right, as we’re driving on the right, on occasion it says first turn when it is in fact the third, (it would be the first turn were we actually driving on the left, ie; UK, Japan, Australia etc).

Its not a game killer by any means, but it can be a bit frustrating to suddenly find yourself heading the wrong way for no apparent reason :s

The first thing I did when I got the game was turned this feature off. Not saying it can’t be beneficial for some players but I personally find it useless. I generally just beeline straight to the destination marker after a quick glance at the pause menu map. Sometimes that isn’t even necessary because you can see the marker ahead of you while in the car. Also, the GPS voice interrupts the blare of my exhaust which is unacceptable.

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People actually trust Amy to bring you around?? geez…i remember the roads of TestDriveUnlimited 1, GTA San Andreas, Vice City,4 and 5 in the back of my head…i can remember roads in game better than i know my way around a local shopping mall…who needs GPS… smh

It’s a nice feature, but I’ve stopped using it and rely on the green line on the GPS. I’ve also turned off the ‘wrong way’ indicator.

I think these things can get confused in video games if you’re not completely in lane, it thinks you need to turn around. Unless you’re driving speed limit and following road rules, how can you expect it to know where you plan to go?

but I like that they implemented a little Kinect action, to let me know that it is not completely forgotten. And I still occasionally love to use Kinect when non-xbox folks are around, they seem to like what it can do.

I hate when your driving on the wrong side of the road and she says turn around, even tho your going the right way (only on the opposite side of the road )

She does it intentionally, damn robot. Never trust a robot. Asimov had it dead wrong.

looks cockeyed at XB1

So Anna works just like a real GPS :slight_smile:

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I turned Anna’s voice box off a long time ago. I typically just look for the destination marker with the right thumb stick, or a quick pause menu glance, and off I go. It helps to know the map better and for that you must play more.