In game cars dissapeared!

Hello everyone so just recently i noticed that quet a few cars dissapeared from my car list.First i had my cars go blank in my car list like car name but no car picture then later on i noticed that some cars are missing out from the list.The cars i lost were the new Zenvo with the moving wing , Porsche cayman gt4 i think or the simple cayman cant remmember , mclaren seena and the apolo. There might be more that is missing out and i havent noticed yet. Are there any sollution to this ? Becauze at this point i feel a bit dissapointed at the game for doing this .

Please refer to the Lost content thread. If the suggested solution doesn’t work you’ll need to submit a ticket to Forza Support (thread pinned above)—save----see-official-Support–post–1.aspx#post_1168263