In Focus Photocontest - Wk 4

This new contest we hope will serve as a great new platform for all you Forzatopgraphers to showcase your talents, as well as provide another avenue for us to inform the Forza community about the great paints that have been created for Little Vixen’s weekly Forza Motorsport 5 Livery Contests.

Please read on for the rules and entry requirements.

o We now just have winners. We will pick photos to feature in next weeks In Focus article on the official website. If you get featured, you are a winner. The number of winners will depend on what gets entered, how many photos we want to feature in next week’s In Focus article, how many entries there are, and the quality of work. We are not going to specify a specific number of winning photos we are going to choose.

Weekly Prize:
The weekly winners will get their photo and gamertag featured in next week’s In Focus article.
Winners of this contest who are featured in next week’s In Focus article will also receive 250,000 in-game credits for Forza Motorsport 5

Rules of the Contest
o All photos must be taken by you. Posting someone else’s work is not allowed.
o Each user is allowed to submit 3 photos, if you upload more than three photos we will use only the most recent photos uploaded in our judging.
o All photos must solely feature a car that sports one of the winning paints in the most recently finished Forza 5 Livery contest (both race and fantasy liveries are eligible), which in this case is the Forza Motorsport 5 Week R Livery contest. Winners for this contest can be found here, and the paints submitted for the Week R Livery contest can be found here.
o If you have won in one week, you may enter again the next week. This rule may change in the future, but for now, you may enter each week, even if you were a winner the previous week.
o Altering your image with Photoshop or any image editor will also disqualify your entries from competition.
o Cars showing damage in photos will be disqualified.

Submission Instructions
o To enter, YOU MUST upload your photo to the Forza Motorsport 5 storefront with “InFocusWk4" in the description (All one word for the description). If you do not add the description to your entry, it is likely we will not see it when we search for it.
o If you have won in one week, you may enter again the next week. This rule may change in the future, but for now, you may enter each week, even if you were a winner the previous week.
o Winners of this weeks Forza 5 livery contest are free to enter this contest as well.
o It’s not a requirement to also post your submissions in this thread, but if you’d like to do so and provide short write-ups describing your submitted photos then it may give you a slight edge in being a winner and subsequently featured in In Focus.

This thread is for submissions only, no discussion will be allowed in this thread.

Submission Judging
Members of Turn 10 will judge your entries. A random number of winners will be selected based on number of entries, quality of work, and number of cars we wish to feature.

Submission Deadline
We will be locking this thread the morning of Wednesday, April 2. No other submissions will be accepted after this date.

Livery by TheFishE77

By and in itself, this livery is nightmarish enough, but by adding some effects, the theme becomes alive and jumps out at you, making you fear that you’ll ever meet one of these in real life! Or in a nightmare…

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Here’s my entries for this week;

Livery by Boostlogical

Livery by Ace Ventura PI

I only pick one race livery winner each week to take photos of for In Focus, and last weeks winners were all so good. I ended up choosing FRDT Flo’s livery for the Nissan Silvia Spec-R. I took the car to the Test Track where there is lots of light, so those light blues and pinks could really come to life. Other favorite liveries from last week include Ace Ventura PI and Sketchamus. Keep up the amazing work guys!

My week4 entry

Painted by Gr333nz

Livery by SweedishThunder


Livery by MOVINGshadow77

Livery by stuzib85


My entries:

InFocus4-1 by DeCLouie
Paint by Sketchamus

InFocus4-2 by DeCLouie
Paint by HLR Leppard

InFocus4-3 by DeCLouie
Paint by SweedishThunder

Thanks for the entries everyone, locking this one up now :slight_smile: