In Focus 3-11-15

Hey there everyone and welcome to another edition of In Focus, our regular look at the best of creativity from the Forza community!

In this installment we take a look at some of the latest paints from FRS ElMutem, Stuzib85 and Skreamies, who as you’ll see in a moment have all been very busy in the painting booth in recent weeks. To finish things off we’ll also be showcasing some of the winning entries from our latest Forza Motorsport 5 photo & livery contests.

First of all though we’re going to take a look at Stuzib85’s recent paints including a truly awesome Breaking Bad inspired design. Which for huge fans of the show such as me, should definitely find it’s way to your collection.

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Thanks again for asking me to be part of In Focus mate.
The screensscreenshots look great!
Is it the first time you have used user screenshots for your article?

Great paints from the guys too. Think I’ve got them all!

No problem, thanks for continuing to make such awesome paints and giving so much to the community. That goes to everyone!

Yeah first time I think I’ve featured some of the winning photos/liveries from the contests in the article. Seems like a good idea, so I reckon I should continue to do it moving forwards?


Thats a great idea then people will know what is out there for people to see, may also step the lever of what is already a high bar for paint comps

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Absolutely!! Usually the WIR has some pictures featured but I would definitely like to see more!

Everyone mention in the ‘In Focus’ is very talented, great stuff everyone!

Yeah, I gives painters a chance to show off the vinyls in better detail rather than only on the car.
My terminator, for example, you can barely see him in the photo of the car. Including the screenshot is a nice touch.

great work from everybody in this week, great bunch of paints from a great bunch of guys… keep it up guys and keep up the in focus fantastic bit of community love

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Great stuff this week…
Happy Birthday Skreamies… :slight_smile:


Thanks man, appreciate it :slight_smile:

Also thanks Helios for letting me be a part of it :slight_smile:

Such Awesome Livery’s!.. Quite a few i’ll gladly add to my FH2 Garage!
Congratulation’s On Making the “In Focus” Article!.. (Stuzib85, Skreamies, FRS ElMutem)! Awesome Work As Always! Keep On Rocking That Artwork!

Just Loaded up FM5 After a very long time & Seen i haven’t played it in so long i never even grabbed the Holiday Gift Car’s.
Any Other Gift Car’s i may of missed?

My FM5 LCE Disk was acting up & just got lucky & got a disk for free so i can play. Hoping to go Digital Soon, as soon as there’s a good enough deal. Also Worried About the Digital Game Of The Year Digital Version. If I Buy Digitally Can i just… Click Click Boom go into the game without disk? or will it download a whole different version of FM5? Or have to re-download the entire game or something? Also Obviously worried about loosing the saved game, Really wish Xbox One would update to allow us to take large save files & back them up on EXT HDD’s & USB Stick’s, even if they have to be specially formatted for Xbox One Use Only. I Just want to Physically have My saved games backed up in case anything was to ever go wrong, i always make double backup’s, sometimes even triple backup’s if i can.

Loaded FM5 up to grab that WkAX livery for that Evo if it’s shared?. :slight_smile:

i think it would be great to see the winners PLUS their work each contest…
Step forward imo…

the beautiful and still beautiful !!
great work guys, congratulations

Nice article :slight_smile: Some very good designs there and that forza 5 photo from the koneigseg by JXVXY was very well taken :slight_smile:
Hope one of this days my mate Vajo Designs can featured here :slight_smile:

I made this video in honor to Le Mans and Mazda 787B 2 legens in which history plays a major role :slight_smile:

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Hey can someone give me some help…
i got the ONE a few weeks ago and iv tried installing Horizon2 mx5 update and for 2 days - it says 100% installed but iv got nothing, it wont open and it is ‘stuck’ on the 100% installed screen.
iv been intouch with GAME and they say its not their problem its microsoft, they say its FORZA… has anyone else had the same hassle??

sorry, i dont actually know how to start a new topic on here!!