In Focus 11-12-15

Hey all and welcome to another edition of In Focus!

This time we’re going to be looking at a collection of videos featuring some of the finest Forza driving ever committed to digital celluloid – Don Joewon Song’s Amazing Drift Series.

I don’t consider myself to be a bad driver in Forza, but some of the stuff this guy can do behind the wheel boggles the mind and quite frankly at times leaves me open mouthed. Take a look for yourself and see what I mean!


Amazing job JDS, remarkable!!
The Limo was nothing but pure entertainment!
I think I am most impressed with Laguna Seca. Heck just driving normally, I often will make a mistake on a turn and end up in the sand a little here and there, just watching him drift forward, backward and sideways all over that track, and never wander off the track is nothing short of a miracle!

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Thanks everyone… It Truly means alot that you like the content :slight_smile:
Reading comments like this is the reason why I love what I do… Please feel free to visit my YouTube Channel - “Don Joewon Song” for many more different Drift Features.
Thanks again guys… Truly appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Congrats on the feature Don; I’m not really into drifting but can appreciate the hard work you put in to your content :slight_smile:

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That Laguna Seca run…what in the world did I just watch?! Incredible.

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Picked the right guy,Ian…
About time,Joe… get well soon!

Don, if there’s one thing I appreciate most about your videos, is that your footage is “just the footage”; no “obnoxiously loud wub wub dubstep” overlaid to make it seem cool :wink:

Very great vidéo Don,
Fun and perfect :slight_smile: