In car HUD rev counter gear indicator and speedometer don't appear until after the races start

The issue I am having is how are you supposed to accurately rev the car for a good start when the HUD rev counter, gear indicator etc doesn’t appear in the right corner of the screen until AFTER the race starts? I believe these should be on screen before the 3 second countdown appears so that you can accurately rev the car to get a good start instead of trying to guess the rpm and getting it wrong and then the car is bogging down, this is happening in all views including cockpit and bonnet cams. I really struggle to see the in car rev counter due to shadows over the car instruments in most cases or it’s really small and hard to read and therefore I use the display in the right corner to help; but like I said it doesn’t appear until after the countdown to the race has been on screen counted down to zero and then gone off screen and the rest of the field has already accelerated away cleanly and pulling away from me before I even move putting me at an already large disadvantage this can’t be acceptable and should hopefully be an easy fix to make the HUD appear before the pre race 3 second countdown begins.

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I’m having the same problem. For some reason seems to be more prominent in the showcase events and really comes back to bite me when I come one car short in the passing challenges because of a horrible start…