Improvements needed!!

Forza is known for its sounds and driving experience.we can see that from forza horizon 2. Unfortunately something went wrong with horizon 3. I am a car enthusiast which means I want to build my own cars. The sound of cars like the 1998 supra and r34 skyline are terrible compared to the ones of horizon 2. Lately the Horizon Edition supra was added and it was more powerful which is very good but the sound WAS THE SAME… Sometimes I go back horizon 2 just to listen to the supra…An other thing is that engine swaps are not very realistic… Firstly the BMW inline 6 3.2L is not a very common engine to swap…I really think it should be replaced with a 2JZ which should have a lot more cars to swapped in…Also the Lamborghini v12 and Viper v10 are a rare sight not in like the half car list…An other one is the problems with Ford mustangs…ITS ASHAME to put Chevrolet v8 on any old mustang and not be able to put the powerplant of a newer mustang…for example the foxbody mustang has v8 as a swap option but its not a Ford or Shelby its a Chevrolet and as a car guy I definitely don’t like that…I would really appreciate if you consider all of the above…Its not really that hard to solve those problems because the solution exist in other cars or Forza games…Fixing will make the game more enjoyable…THANK YOU!!!


Join the club, its been mentioned several times. Just have to wait to see if they fix these issues, which i doubt.

They wont…the geenie is already out the bottle with the ridiculous upgrade system. To go back on it, theyd have to refund in game credits for the stupid AWD V12 musclecars and so on. The best we can hope for is a return to sanity for fm7 and fh4.

Yeah I’m not holding my breath either. Multiple threads about sound issues by now but they do not care to acknowledge those.

I’m just playing FM6, H2 and CARS and immensely enjoying them too. H3 has gotten depressing due to the number of issues it has. Sorry for the harsh words but it’s a rushed, watered down version of H2 with more/different stuff to do. Very little quality. An arcade train wreck.

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