Improvement suggestions

This post is about things that could be improved in FH5. Feel free to add suggestions and/or feedback on mine.

  1. Option to skip cutscenes in Stories Events etc.

  2. When searching for Designs add a one button press option for searching for Current make and model car or have that be the default search option. For me at least 99% of the time that is what I am searching for. Having to scroll up and select current make, then current model, then scroll down to search seems so weird when adding say press L1 for current car would be so much easier.

  3. Better Tooltip for things like Danger signs etc. I would like to see how many stars I get even after having 3 stared it. A nice tooltip with info about what you just did in terms of meters, stars etc and what your max is, and maybe have it stay on screen for a bit longer than it does atm.

  4. A loadout option so I can pick a car for each category, the favorite option just don’t cut it imo.

  5. Easier access to way better info on your cars. I’m thinking maybe a card like in IRL Car playing cards. It would have info like Who’s turn you are using and design with codes, maybe current BHP etc and then an option to give that card out to others who might like it.

  6. The option to change rims :slight_smile: to me its weird that rim designs are locked to tunes you buy. Also would be nice to be able to tweak tunes you buy and easier than setting up a total tune if thats not your thing.

  7. Remove the que into a Horizon Open event that is ongoing on last race of the event. FH5 still has some bad waiting times and loading in just to wait for a race to finish, then for a new one to be set up is murder on your patience imo.

  8. Bring back Drag lights in free roam, it just gave more life to free roam. (Maybe have them hang on wires so they can’t be rammed). Also add more things like that to spruce up free roam, if you read this and have suggestions for that please do add those in reply.

This is not a flame post, these things are just some suggestions to improve FH5 or if to late then maybe FH6.

Again feel free to add suggestions or tell me if I missed something in mine.

The option to change rims :slight_smile: to me its weird that rim designs are locked to tunes you buy. Also would be nice to be able to tweak tunes you buy and easier than setting up a total tune if thats not your thing.

They can’t do that since the tune is someone’s work. That would be the same as when you make a design for a car and other people can edit it and see how you did it only to reupload their own version.

You can tweak the tunes, you just buy what they bought, and add your own rims, and tune. You can see what they bought, it says ‘OWNED’

For this, if it is too much to do. They could simply make menus, so that when you scroll all the way down, next scroll down will bring you to the top. I don’t understand why that is not the thing.

Fair point. Was thinking about just tweaking the gearing etc so you don’t have to go set it all up yourself just to change it a little, but I get your point.

:warning: FOV SLIDER for the Xbox Series X :warning:

Please. I REALLY need it. :hear_no_evil:

But you won’t have the fine tuning which makes all the difference

With the rims, as it is a visual thing I just don’t see why that has to be locked to a tune. Now that could just be me ofc :wink:

With the tweaking I was thinking about not having to do it all over yourself, but LuculentPigeon8 had a fair point to why its not in game, that I did not think off.

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While that should be a thing yes, it would not help much. Thing is for me at least and I get that it might not be the same for others. I don’t think I ever searched for a design for a car I’m not currently in. So making Current car make and model the default search is the best option here imo. Seeing as if you are searching for anything other than Current the car you are “in” you would have to change the options anyway. But if there is a reason I have missed for why the default can’t be Current car then a one tab/press button option would at least make it way faster than what it is now.

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" 1. Option to skip cutscenes in Stories Events etc."

I know people are asking for that since I started playing the series (which was in 2016 when FH3 came out) but in those six years it didn’t even got addressed by the devs…

So much about the wE cArE aBoUt ThE cOmMuNiTy

I agrre on being able to tweak downloaded tunes, and change the rims etc.

True they don’t have the best rep for fixing stuff or even replying to feedback/ bug reports etc.
I can’t help thinking that I do hope they wake up before they launch Fable, cause if they think Racing games fans are hard to please Oh boy how surprised they’ll be when facing Fantasy fans :slight_smile:

Every 5 star tune that I’ve tested could be improved easily.

I would like to see the option to change rims with downloaded tunes - even if you were the only restricted to the rims that didn’t alter PI.

I want to see all of my tunes in one place. Rummaging around hunting for tunes to delete is just a very nasty aggravation - especially without an overall counter.

In the design editor - not have any unwanted duplicate of a vinyl or a shape you are applying to the body work.

Don’t know why many skirting boards are unpaintable.

I’d like a well lit podium stage if all the fuss over costumes and dances and the like are to make sense.

In the Tour mode if you are scrambling towards a new destination - then the first one there gets a wheelspin.

I’d like to see a limited mode for light aircraft. If cars can fly from jumps then maybe a mode for light aircraft is possible? You could simulate air traffic control so that only two or three players are allowed in the air at any one time and it wouldn’t put undue stress on the server?

Option to tow a horse box/caravan/fast food trailer on some cars with a view to developing a novelty race mode.

You reminded me of something I was thinking about. When you win a race it is like an advert for your vinyl design, but the camera doesn’t zoom in close enough. It would be good to actually improve the chances of getting your designs noticed by having the camera concentrate on your car vinyls when you win a race.

Option to view and manage saved tunes.

Option to sort downloaded liveries by make/model or by artist.

Option to view only liveries for my current car so I don’t have to scroll through my whole catalog when I want to load something…


Yes, much better way to view your tunes and designs (with description and downloads/likes included) in the Creative Hub. That should also be accessible in the main menu like in FH3 and FH4.