Improvement suggestions for the Event Lab editor

I’ve been using the Event Lab Editor a fair bit in the last few weeks and I think there would be some improvements that could be made to the Event Lab editor which wouldn’t call for a complete change in how it works and I thought I’d share my thoughts here:

  1. Allow for using the parameters you can check for in the conditions section also in the action section.
    For example. You can check a players progress through an event, but you can only use it to compare against a number/variable but not acess it in the action. meaning you can not do any calculations with it, save it to a variable or anything like that.
    There are more examples for this behaviour and it would be very beneficial to be able to access them properly and since they do already exist it wouldn’t be that dramatic of a change really.

  2. Clearly state what the “Player’s Place” variable actually does or get it to do what it says.
    While it says it returns the players place in order to the physical distance to the finish line, that does not seem to be the case. It seems like it maybe returns the distance instead, but I’m not too sure on that.
    And also on circuit races it does seem like a player who just passed the finish line and entered the next lap gets a smaller number than someone who is a little bit further away physically but at the end of the lap. While yes that would make sense for the physical distance, for actual usability I don’t think that’s very useful.

  3. Give us an option to have a fixed number of players in an event.
    At the moment you can only tell the system how many drivatars you want, but not how many players there can be max. that is always 12.
    That would be useful fore example because the amount of variables you have is limited. And I’ve been in a place where I could only make the game mode work for a max of four players.
    For that reason, it would be great if you could limit the maximum number of players in a game and thus only fill in the remaining slots with drivatars.

  4. Add option to limit an Event Lab creation to either solo, pvp or coop.
    For example if you make an event without drivatars which uses custom scoring if you try to play this in coop the event instantly ends after it starts because the coop scoring method messes with the custom rules. And since you can’t stop people from playing it in coop and we all know that people don’t necessarily read the tags or description that is quite a problem in my mind.

  5. Add option to create rules for objects as well.
    This one is a bit of a bigger change, I’m aware, but it would be quite useful.
    So what I mean is: like players have variables and actions you can do to them it would be nice if that was true for placeable objects as well. like making them appear or disappear, checking whether a specific one has been hit (I know you can check for a player hitting a kind of object, but not a specific one) etc.

Oh and also, there seems to be a bug with props that are placed not showing up for some players in coop. It seems to appear when there’s three or more players in a convoy maybe. will have to do more research on when exactly it happens. But it’s definitely quite a problem if you make Events based on the props you placed.

That is what I have collected so far. Will edit this if I find more things.


One thing I would like to see is when I create a custom route and select it to be a modern supercars event, if I want to create the same event for Hypercars I need to re run the test lap. It would be nice to run a custom route and then be able to create events without test lapping every one.


Oh yeah that is also true. Though I think with just running the route once it’s not possible cause you have the possibility to edit the rules of play after so that could make the event not work again. But only changing car class should not trigger having to re-run. Like changing name or description.