Improved car sounds you’re looking forward to hear

Title of the post says it all really, what car or cars are you all looking forward to hearing the most (even if confirmed to be in the game or not). For me it would be

Mercedes C63 AMG
Range Rover SVR
Lamborghini Aventador
Nissan Skyline R33/34
Vauxhall Astra GTC VXR (my personal car irl)
Ford Focus RS mk2

I’ll look forward to seeing some of the cars you guys choose.

The new viper sound is actually really good. They still haven’t got the full range from low end bass implemented, but it’s still a huge improvement. The YouTube videos of them recording are excellent, and also a good reference for the low range audio they are still missing. Easier to forget about it this time because the sounds are so much fuller and livelier than FM4.

Giulia Quadrifoglio. Sounds very bad in FH4.

Will there be any new sounds for rotary engines?

They said 100% of the cars will have improved audio so I’d say yes they will.

Ferrari 812 and all Ferraris really
Modern Aston Martin V12s
All BMWs
Skylines / RB26
All V8s

I’m looking forward to everything really.

Engines are mostly white noise to me. When there’s one that stands out to me in game, it’s therefore usually not something I was looking for… That said, for the past couple of games I have liked the scream of the racing rotor. I’ll be curious to see if that’s changed - if it’s even in the game somewhere.

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in FH4 the most classic cars with V8 engines sound the same. i wish they’ll improve it in FH5

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A nice sounding 4 rotor (finally…) would be a barrel of laughs.

Honestly l’m looking forward to hearing just everything. From 4-bangers to the V12’s.

Easily the Lancia Delta S4. Its dual-charged, so I wanna hear both the turbocharger and the supercharger simultaneously.

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