Improved ABS - but TCS still broken

Something I’ve noticed from playing FH4 (and FH2 on X360) is that traction and stability controls refuse to activate below a certain speed. On flat pavement, that speed is around 28 mph, below which the system allows uncontrolled wheel spin. That is annoying, especially when driving around in freeroam. When I punch it with TCS on, I want engine power to be regulated to minimize wheel spin. I’ve spun multiple times because I’ve dropped below 28 mph while cornering, and stability/traction control just kicked out completely! FM7 doesn’t do this, and it seems as if TCS is still broken in FH5 previews that I’ve seen. On the Let’s GO! livestreams, I’ve even seen driving footage in the dirt, where this “feature” caused a loss of control.
“But people wanna do burnouts!” you might say. Well, SWITCH OFF TCS THEN. That’s exactly what the switch is for.
I have NEVER seen an IRL car that does what FH TCS does. The way I see it is if you’re improving ABS, you should also fix this TCS/ESC disable-below-28-mph bug.

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