Impossible to do a clean lap !!!!!!!!

Why i’m not able to mark a clean lap? Even if I drive clean without cutting any corner, jump out of the track or touch a wall, my lap is ever marked as a dirty one (with a little danger-advertise beside the time lap). What is going on ??
Can someone explain me which could be the problem? Thank u so much and have a good drive !!!

have you the friction assist on?

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It’s most likely this, had a friend who hadn’t turned it off yet the other day.

It’s easy to miss if you have been playing career mode exclusively, since for whatever reason the little /!\ thing doesn’t appear in career races.

are you using mods ?

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Mods don’t dirty lap times in Forza 7 because they don’t alter physics or anything like they did in Forza 6.

No mods, but yes, i’ve the friction assist ‘on’ … Is that my problem??

Yes, and there is a caveat listed to the right of that assist option that states if you use it, your times will be ineligible for the leaderboards. Some mods will have the same effect of dirtying your lap times.

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The cockpit view only mod made my laps dirty. Tried it 3 times

None of the mods doesnt say that lap times are invalidated. But i had same issue in some races. No cutting, no rewind, no nothing. Flagged when crossing line to new lap.

If you pause it on a lap, turn friction assist off, then rewind wilst in the pause menu you will be able to run clean laps with friction assist on.

Rewind will cause a dirty lap too

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Nope. I’m guessing this is the same exploit from FM6 on how to hide your ghost.

Turn off friction assist

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Think you can’t set a leaderboard time if you have friction assist on, there is a information icon next to it. Should say something about it in there under options/assists

Thanks so much to everyone !! :slight_smile:

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If you’re racing against any other cars, then getting a clean lap is almost impossible. You cannot draft another racer at any point, even for a second, and if another racer drafts you, that also dirties your lap. Just run with no AI and no friction assist you should be ok.

Yep you got that right have been doing 50 lap races in freeplay to farm some money using the Ovals and My first 4 or 5 laps are clean after that since the 23 Drivitars have spread arround the track not a single clean lap 45 dirty laps in a row.