Importing liveries

With a week to go to the release of FH5 I have a question regarding the process of exporting/importing FH4 liveries into FH5.
I know we don’t know exactly how it will work (or did they show?), but going by previous titles:

  1. Will any livery I made just be imported into FH5 (through my gamertag) or do I have to do something for that?
  2. I saved most designs to the cars and not as separate designs. I probably also didn’t share most of them. Do I need to change anything here?

Thanks in advance!

I am assuming that the import system has not changed from the past Forza.

1: Importing is not automatic, you have to do it manually one by one from the livery list of FH4. Also, if your livery contains content created by other players, you will not be able to import that data. If the livery you want to import into FH5 uses a vinyl group created by another player, you will need to remove it beforehand in FH4.

2:You don’t need to do anything, as you can see from “my designs” tab in FH4, the livery that you saved directly in the car instead of saving it in the design catalog is also saved in the design catalog.

Thank you so much for your reply!

Works precisely as it has in previous titles.

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I’m just glad it works at all.

It will help you a lot if you include the car model in the design title. If the UI is the same as H4, when you search your designs to add to a car, the game does not filter designs that match the car you are in.

I was hoping that they have added car model to FH5 automatically. They are supposed to learn from FH4.


They never learnt in FH4!

The UI was designed by someone that never played the game!

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hello, I have a problem I do not have the FH4 tab to import I have fh3 that I have succeeded and motorsport and no possibility on FH4
Someone can help me ? sorry for my english
thank you

so i am having this same type of issue… my GF already uploaded vinyls from FH4 but she does not like painting in FH5 cause i guess there are things missing and it takes way longer to do stuff but like i said she already uploaded what she had done from FH4 basically the game did it automatically when she tabbed over to FH4 files it started to auto sync her vinyls… well now she is painting on FH4 and was going to try and upload her vinyls to FH5 but when she goes to upload their is no option to upload vinyls or sync anything… so now i am sitting here wondering… does she have to freaking delete her account and remake it in order to upload paints again… hopefully there is a way… otherwise what a pain in the butt… and totally useless…

The second trigger seems to not work. It probably requires fixing. She should paint on FH5 anyway, it’s not that different. In fact it’s the same program with some Icons moved to the side.

The importing of vinyls is the same as it’s always been as far as i can see. Creating liveries and vinyls on FH5 is a complete mess up, so creating in FH4 and importing them makes total sense. Indeed, i still create them in Forza Motorsport 5 so they can be used in all Forza games released after.

I lost all my progress on Forza Horizon 4 by doing this