Important FYI concerning the Horizon Super 7 Challenge Cards

I have noticed that when attempting my own Challenge Cards, the car just didn’t perform as well as it did when I made the Card. It seems that if you want players to experience the splendor of your Build/Tune when attempting your Challenge Card, you must SHARE your tune (and your paint if you want them to see that) BEFORE you create the Challenge Card. I’ve tested this theory and found it to be accurate. GLHF!

Ok that’s interesting. I’m using a design that’s only available in the AH & not shared in my HUB in this Challenge: 141 000 289

I can see it when I do the run but would someone mind loading that up & tell me if they can see it too? You don’t have to run it, just curious if the design is visible, thanks in advance :beers:

I see an orange Charger with a Public Enemy theme.

It could be that this is a glitch specific to my account because MY Charger had a Dukes of Hazard General Lee livery with a Confederate flag on the roof which got me banned from sharing anything. I deleted that livery and got the ban lifted, (Thank You Forza Safety Team), but that may be impacting my Challenge Cards.

That would be a pretty major design flaw with the system if it behaves like that, for quite obvious reasons. Let’s say that someone makes a challenge that uses someone else’s tune (probably very common) and then the third party removes their tune later, it would render the challenge potentially impossible to complete as it’s designed around that specific tune.

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That’s a very good point. I’ve no idea how that would play out. All I know is that when I (and a couple of my friends) tried to run my Card with the AR 4C, the car was slower and handled like crap. I deleted the Card, Shared my tune then re-created the Challenge and it performed like it was supposed to. I’ve done 6 or 7 Cards now and could tell immediately on each one that THAT wasn’t my car. However, the challenges were still doable so I’ve left them alone (so far).

Thanks for taking the time to check XhooksTV, I had a message from a non forum member confirming that too :+1:t5: