Import/Load tune from FH3?

I’m trying to find a tune I saved and shared public in FH3 so I can use it in FH4, but cannot locate it. I’ve even gone back to H3, checked the file name, made sure its public, etc.

Is there a certain way to locate this? Or are we starting completely fresh in Horizon 4?
I’m not very experienced with tuning and upgrades in general so for me it would be difficult to replicate the one I had.

Apologies if this has been asked before, I couldn’t find a thread on it.

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For anyone looking, I found them by going to MY TUNES and then using the Right Bumper and paging over.

Hope this helps anyone looking!

The thing with FH4 is that the optimal builds have changed. In FH3, the game favored power builds while it now favors handling builds. And I’m pretty sure that the PI costs to some parts have changed.

The tuning is very similar, though, except maybe some more negative camber in FH4. In FH3, the cars liked the wheels pretty straight up as the game seemed to favor maximizing power and speed even down to the small details.

Any suggestions on how to sync my data from fh3 to fh4 I’ve searched tirelessly to figure it out and there no help anywhere I’ve tried going back to fh3 and making sure I have all my tunes saved and uploaded and when I go on fh4 and to to tunes tab over to fh3 data nothing shows up… please please help