Impact Force Feed Back?

Quick question, is there no FFB feeling through a wheel for impact with a wall or another car in Forza 6? I was an avid sim racer on iRacing, AC and other PC titles for a long time but my setup was too big so I sold everything. I just bought another wheel, same wheel as before. a TX. For the most part all the FFB in Forza 6 is really nice, but I think there is a lack of (or none) when you bump a wall or anything. I was just wondering if that is normal for this game or if i have a hidden setting wrong or something. Kinda the same story with puddles. Last night i went through a deep puddle which spun me and i hit a wall head on pretty hard and there was no movement through the wheel. Just wondering if that’s the norm. Thanks.

No you should get ffb into walls and over puddles…I know in my tx if i hit a puddle and hydroplane the wheel gets very light etc.Feels right…

Ok i get that same light feeling through puddles but for the hour or so i played last night i dont think i was feeling the few walls i hit. Ill pay more attention tonight. Is there a way to set up the FFB with the xbox inside forza other then the FFB strength. From what i have found it seems to be very limited. On my PC sims you could change all aspects off FFB to your liking. Thanks.