IMO X LIVE should be extended free for 6 months for current active Forza community members

As the title reads … that’s my opinion … also IMO “stellar games” worth every penny to buy with sub-par ability to play them as intended too often or problems which become the norm to the point of too many times being labeled " it’s a known issue " which the issues shouldn’t be so numerous to be labeled as such … that part is getting old guys … I would like to see a 6 month X LIVE extension for currently active community members of the Forza series and the ability to play as intended during it.

I’m not trying to be unrealistic as in saying that there should never be any problems because the unknown always exists … I love the games and I won’t stop buying or playing them nor do I think support doesn’t work hard to deliver … but that being said it doesn’t mean that they couldn’t do better or that they couldn’t step up and offer to go above and beyond to make it right with the people who are the other half of this business relationship who have had too many issues across the different series.


yes true i like other games do 6 months when there is problems

No you won’t get 6 months,last year when the Master Chief collection had problems they only gave out 1 month think it was around January.

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6 months free live? Really? Just take the game back, cite your issues and ask for a full refund. Most countries consumer allow you to do just that, no matter what the store clerk may tell you. If it’s not fit for purpose, you can get a refund. But expecting 6 months live is very unrealistic.


Call MS,i bought the limlied edition console,thought I would get the team Forza Mazda but did not,i told them I was upset and mentioned the F&F pack,the lady gave me a $15.00 gift card to buy it,you never know with MS!!

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Game is fine. Y0ou’re wrong and your request for 6 months free LIVE Gold is highly unrealistic.



Already a couple typical responses that occur from not reading the post and either not caring or not understanding the context as it was written or to what it was written … your problem not mine if you bypassed what was written for what you want to perceive .

No, I get what you’re saying 100% because I’ve seen posts like this for years about every game imaginable since there were internet and BBS’s for people to complain on. (if you don’t know what a BBS is, look it up). Your post is little more than a garden variety gripe post written because you’re mad and you want to validate your anger online by trying to see if there are other like-minded people out there. Since you are only looking for validation, you will quickly dismiss any statements that contradict what you have already concluded is fair.

Right now, you’re likely wondering “this guy doesn’t know me!” and you would be right. But due to the lack of any descriptions of any of the actual “issues” you claim exist (you didn’t name one explicitly) it’s reasonable to assume you really don’t care about the details. This is consistent with a person that really has no intention of discussing anything. Hence my comment to you.

You’re wrong.

If the game is making you so unhappy, stop playing, do something else, I for one am sorry to see a long time player go but you can’t please everyone.

Look at it this way… since this is the holiday season, there are a TON of new games coming out that you can enjoy!



You chimed in to argue and that’s now apparent … now you have decided to ratchet it up and draw conclusions about my supposed inner thoughts and issues and toss a couple personal jabs out there at me … and you obviously are not looking at the “stellar games” or that I said I would not stop playing or buying them … I could go on but it’s you who came to argue … not me