Immersion? OK

If you have FFB Wheel and a 21:9 Monitor and you use an office chair to play. Do this.
Get 2 Buttkicker Gamer 2’s, then add an MSI DS502 USB headphones.

Notes on this: Immersion is very good, not only do you get telemetry data to drive your buttkickers (vibrate), your head phones add to the immersion as the MSI DS502 do in fact vibrate as well. The head phones are not expensive at all and are good quality. As far as I know these headphones are the only ones to have small transducers (vibrate) in them. So if you can still buy a set, go for it. This is a discontinued product. My 68 Mustang with the maxed out 427 idle is off the charts cool. You feel like your in the car. Well that’s my cookie for everybody.


How’s the emersion in the LEGO Mini​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::clown_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My immersion is broken by people who can’t spell immersion…

Note this is a joke at the expense of people who complain that the smallest little item breaks their “immersion” in the game despite it clearly being an exaggerated game world


Spelling has been corrected so now you can’t complain about it. All I was offering was a little better experience for people who might have a similar setup. The DS502 Head phones are hanging on the hand break.

Cost for the for the 2 Buttkickers + software + head phones, about $800.00 CND.


It’s exaggerated but not in ways that destroy all semblance to the actual world graphically. Lego obliterated that completely. THAT is why it truly destroys immersion when little plastic people drive plastic cars that steer themselves on the main map. Allowing that was a HUGE mistake. It literally makes all the effort they invested this time around to make the environment and vehicles look very realistic almost completely pointless. I’m all for having fun on the Lego map but leave it there where it belongs. The thing that makes me laugh is that they were so concerned about realism that they chose to have an imaginary auction house take a cut of your sales, but giant plastic cars and people didn’t phase them. Talk about complete insanity.


Please don’t get me started on the auction house.

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I kinda didn’t want to point that out so I just went with the flow, nice guy that I am :wink:


It’s rubbish, I can’t believe they have non-LEGO cars driving around the LEGO world. How can anyone immerse themselves in the otherwise carefully crafted LEGO world when these non-LEGO cars are all over the place? And I do a speed zone in my LEGO Senna, look at the leaderboard, and it’s full of people who used a Mosler or a 599XX Evo etc. Ridiculous!


And not only that, but I reckon my Lego Valley traffic is 80% Minis. That to me is more of an immersion killer because real world or not, you don’t get 80% of traffic driving the exact same car just with a different colour.

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Too bad this audio doesn’t translate to regular surround sound systems. At least people with reasonably good sound systems should be getting decent dynamic range from the cars.

Oh well - sorry for the off-topic. There are always older Horizon games to enjoy.

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The bad audio on so many cars is about the only thing that breaks immersion for me. Controls feel good. FFB isn’t awful. Physics are pretty spot on for the most part. Audio… nope. Not even close.

Yeah, we don’t need buttkickers to feel the cars’ exhausts properly. We need T10 to redo the dynamic range to highlight the cars not the track effects!


Yeah, we don’t need buttkickers to feel the cars’ exhausts properly. We need T10 to redo the dynamic range to highlight the cars not the track effects!

If using the buttkickers in audio mode, then I can see your point. That being said, if you have not tried a buttkicker then you don’t know what your missing. In data telemetry modes, the audio from cars that are not so good and sound bad for the most part, come to life as the vibration, in tune with the engine, Brings out the “GROWL” in any car, something you might miss in the dynamic range of things. Further more, with the software you’ll have full control over engine vibration, road bumps and impacts, each with their own settings. This makes it well worth the effort. Again I would like to mention. All I wanted to do with this post was to let people know just how great this is. I hope to improve the quality of life for those who might be seeking a bit more from their game. After all, the game natively supports telemetry data out for racing cockpits and motion simulators. So if you want to feel that 427 rumble between your legs, so to speak, then this is your ticket. Again if anybody wishes to explore this further I’ll be glad to answer all your questions.


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Oh but it does. Not only can you use it for telemetry data, but you can also use it to drive the kickers with audio too. Think of it like a sub woofer, same principle. Just use the included stereo “Y” cable and bob’s your uncle. Makes music sound and feel fantastic. Enjoy!

If anybody want further info or questions about this setup, feel free to ask.


ok. now we just need a device that can simulate g-force and a vr headset.

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I appreciate you bringing this to the community’s attention PACO - it’s just a shame, really, that the rumble and growl is absent on a regular surround system with a dedicated woofer. It was fine in Forza 5 and 6 - in 7 for some reason they decided to make the cars sound “small” and “thin”.

To the forum moderators, I’m 57 and have moved on. Hopefully you will too.

Thanks for the nice comment opencamswrx!

I should point out, this is really force-feed back for your butt. If you want GRUNT and GROWL then this will fill that gap. The headphones really bring it into its own. I hope those looking for a better upgrade than the, well we won’t talk that here, will find this a super fantastic upgrade. Again, thank you for the nice comment.

Also, I would like to mention, anybody looking to do this, I have all the info you need including my settings. I think I have mine dialed in pretty good. It’s a good place to start anyways.