ImaRobot's Photozone | The Not-So-Much-Of-A-Set Set [10/7]

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It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. Fell off with FM5, but with 6 now here, I figure it would be fun to open up another gallery. I’ve already made a couple of sets so in this initial post I’ll just post the randoms, and then follow up with my two sets.


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Mclaren 650s

Beautiful shots, Robot. New found appreciation for McLarens in silver blue :slight_smile:

Really love your shots! Too hard to pick a favorite!

Right, that’s it. I give up. There’s really no point in me posting any of my own because the competition is just too good!

Awesome work! I really like the tail light shot of the GT and the third shot of the One-77.

I like the mood and composition in this shot.

The Little Civic That Could

Thank you, I appreciate it! I did as well immediately following this shoot. I think it’s going to end up a color I use for my vehicles, often.

Thank you!

No giving up! This isn’t a battle, so keep going strong! Thanks for stopping by :slight_smile:

Thank you! I wasn’t too fond of the One-77 at first, but after going through it I ended up falling in love. I especially love the rear brake light set-up.

Always appreciate your visit. :slight_smile:

Been a little swamped lately, but I’ll hopefully be able to pay my respects towards all your gallerys.

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Very very nice… Looking foward seeing more!

Thanks man, I really appreciate it. That one was actually shot from the demo, and was one of my first shots on the new game :slight_smile:

Surely it’s just the car :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for stopping by!

Thank you! I look forward to shooting some more!

Good luck with that. Because there are loads of galleries. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know! It’s a bit overwhelming at first, lol. I’ll be sure to prioritize you guys first, atleast, just not sure when I’ll be able too. Hopefully soon :slight_smile:

Nice pictures man! A lot of Great pictures. It’s hard to Pick a favorite picture. I think i choose the Gt backlight

Those shots with the camera a distance from the car are jaw dropping. I don’t know if it’s the great lighting or the image of an old race car, but either way top shots here Robot :slight_smile:

Love this -

and that Civic shot is very nice!

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Incredible photos! That is some great work! I am a huge fan of the McLaren shots.

The Aston Martin set is outstanding!! The tone and lighting Really compliment the beauty of the car!

Evolution IX

I’m glad you liked them, as I was really pleased with that set :slight_smile:

The odd thing about that is most of the photos are set at 100 exposure. I’m glad it payed off! :slight_smile: Thanks for stopping by.