ImaRobots Photozone | A Change of Heart [12/11]

So I always do this and then disappear after a while, but I plan to keep this going this time…hopefully. I have more photos but they’re coming out a bit too dark for my liking so, like always with each iteration, I have to adjust my settings lol.

A quick question for anyone that can answer - I have an Xbox One X, but when I upload my photos directly to they only show at 1080x1920. How do I get them to be 4k?

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Great shot! Just a thought. Can you upload to One Drive on your PC? I find this is much quicker and they come out full 4K. Hopefully see you here in a year or two still taking photos :wink:

Yeah, and that’s actually what I’m doing currently. Although, I was wanting to test out the FM.Net uploading process as I noticing a difference in colors and contrast compared to the screenshot feature, but if it’s restricting it to 1080x1920 I’d just prefer to use the ondrive/xboxdvr.

Thanks for stopping by Torque :slight_smile:

Just about got my settings dialed, a couple more attempts and I think I should be good. :slight_smile: C&C very much welcome

Awesome shots :+1:t3:

Awesome stuff !!! Please keep posting!

So I think I’ve matched it as much as I can on my TV. Now to shake off that rust and start to experiment :slight_smile:

Thanks you two!

Some great shots, but I loooove this one.

I like the layout and soft lighting in this shot.

I love how you used the light here

Had a sick day yesterday and planned to shoot a good amount of photos, but the medicine put me completely out lol.

Thanks Korniis :slight_smile: Only thing I was upset about that one is how dark it came out, had to readjust my tv settings right after that one.

I’m trying to expand a little. I notice I usually stick to up close shots, but I’m in dire need of branching out so I’ve been looking at outside sources to try to get some ideas.

Thanks! That one was a bit experimental but I’m glad its being received well.

I do 100% agree! This is awesome, great shot

and one bonus shot :slight_smile:

His girls parents weren’t home :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for stopping by Pebb

It’s unfortunate really as I really want to mix up my shots, but that particular issue is hindering it a little. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks you two :slight_smile:

Nice work with this shot, I like how everything is soft except the car

While looking through the latest update a few times. I was like, lovely, lovely. And then the first shot caught my eye in such a way, I was like. Now there is a fablous shot in such a way.

Right is there any other shots liked by me. The rest of the update is nicely put together. But while the first one is my overall favourite, the last shot is my second favourite.

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WOW! :open_mouth:

I notice that I take a lot of shots from the rear, and that likely has a lot to do with the fact that we can no longer turn off headlights when we want. I really wish they’d fix that with an update.

Thanks for that. I think the winter backdrop really added to that effect with its pretty neutral coloring.

Thanks Pebb. The Ascari was harder to work with than I thought it would be initially, and seems to flow best with the sun setting. I had another shot of it that was hard to choose between, but they were too similar so I decided not to post it.


I catch myself doing the same thing, often the rear end is more photogenic then the front for a lot of cars as well.

Also, this shot is a beauty

This shot really does it for me. You have some great stuff here!

Thanks a bunch :slight_smile: