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Figured I’d share some of my stuff with you guys. Background on myself; photography is a big hobby of mine.

Here’s a real photo I took out at Road America a few years ago.

And now onto Forza

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Awesome shots man. RL and virtual.

I like the layout in shot 3.

Great job on the last two!

Thanks for the input!

Thanks, took me awhile to get the camera right for the shot down the straight at Watkins Glen.

Hoping to get some more stuff up this weekend. I definitely find myself leaning more towards the “action” shots vs. more studio type photos.

Wow! Nice work here for sure! I especially like the last photo in blur, but I can’t for some reason figure out the circuit in that one. Is that Road Atlanta??

Nope! Turn 5 at Road America.

A few more. These have all been edited in some way.

Cool thing about this is you can see they actually added the Motorplex track in. It’s fairly accurate as well. I do autocross on it a few times a year.

and wanted to edit this one to see what I could do with it.

Great shots! I really like this -