Im so Mad about FH3 because I have some feature locked!!!

When I let my friend try tmy account on he XB1 its work perfectly but When i come home and test it on my PC bcause i dont have XB1 isnt work good.My Auction house is locked,CLub,Rivals,Marketplace and I cant see other player vinyl but when i friend test on xb1 well everything good.I been 6 day trying to fix this but nothing. Someone here can tell me how to fix it before i refund??

Did you play on PC first or was your friend the first one to play the game on his Xbox? If you were first, did online work then?
Was he playing the game at the same time you were trying to play? That’s not allowed, it’s one device at a time.
You may being having some of the internet/online connection issues that some others are having on PC. There are many threads on it, go check some of them out and try the fixes.

But to be honest, I don’t have a great deal of sympathy for you because you tried to circumvent the single account per game restriction. Not to sound too harsh but it’s kinda tough if you are having problems. You should each buy your own copies of the game, not share.

Sounds like you never let it sync or you signed on with a different gamertag