I'm so disappoint to FORZA HORIZON 3 that sold me a broken game

It my first time that I bought this game on my pc and they give me a broken game really?

try to fix this problem ,but none of them are work. still random crashing.
I pay a lot of money to you and this is what I’ve got right? Who is responsible?
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my pc
i3 6100
gtx 1050ti
8gb ram

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Can’t believe this comes from you Dragnet. So all the game crashes from countless i5/i7 setups were all to be blamed on us as we’ve only got 4 cores i guess? Even Nitro is collecting crash logs in Support jeez.

I have a poor friend who ran games with a PC that doesn’t even meet several of these min. requirements and still never crashes itself to desktop in FH3 manner despite offering slideshows.

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Get used to disappointment.

Some of people actually use i5/i7 with gtx1080 still got the same problem. If u don’t know [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] ,please don’t reply.

Oh dear.

I think it’s now best just to quote a colleague of mine:

Large portion of modern players no matter young or middle age treat F words as part of daily life. Things already much better here i’ve seen much worse on Ubisoft side.
Just get used to the disappointment and do the filtering job :3
Also if game crashing is easily caused by an i3 as judged by mods/devs then don’t put that as min. requirement.


Our filtering process is mostly automated, partly manual. Our banning is always manual though.

You can contact a representative from Turn 10 Studios via email at forzafb@microsoft.com.

I’ve been playing this game for about 4-5 nights now and been fine without freezing apart from pause menu being slow at times. Right now its unplayable for some reason every thing freezes at random times whilst the game is still running like the cars are all glitched if that makes sense. I will be frozen or drivatars will be too and about 10 seconds later it continues to play.

Loading screens will take forever now like i cant say its gpu or cpu related if the world around me in the game is fine like leaves and trees are still blowing in the wind.
I checked my task manager whilst a race was trying to load and hardrive was on 100%, ram was over 8gb of usage and cpu was on 100%

My Specs
I7 6700k OC to 4.5ghz
16gb Trident z 3200
gtx980 zotac lightning edition

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Get a better CPU.

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Both you CPU and GFX are budget models. You get what you pay for. If you’re not running at low settings, resolution, expect performance issues.
Other than that make sure no other processes are running while you try to run Horizon 3.

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I guess he will just have to drop the settings down quite a bit even though that’s the case the OP’s kit meets or exceeds the minimum requirements as listed on the FH3 Page on the Microsoft Store…

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But he never complained about any performance issues, did he? He says the game is unstable and keeps crashing. So an under-powered system will start crashing the game if High detail settings are selected? Wouldn’t a bogged down frame rate be his only concern?

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No. Having underpowered hardware can result in a number of issues, including freezing/crashing. And aside from just crashing because it can’t keep up, it could potentially crash from heat or insufficient power supply. Or conflicts… driver issues… because it’s Tuesday… etc.


Isn’t i3-6100 the lowest of the low when it comes to Skylake CPUs? I mean, minimum requirement is a quad (i5-4460), the i3-6100 is not a quad, as it has 4 threads but only 2 physical cores. Just because the clock speed is rated higher at 3.7 GHz does not mean it’s gonna be fast.

The Xbox One S struggles a bit to run the game, and it has 8 cores. Framerate is consistent 30 fps but there are some hiccups when loading different scenery, which are IMO caused by Microsoft’s terrible decision to use DDR3 memory in the original Xbox One. I’ll try to get a hold of an Xbox One X in the near future and I’m certain all these problems will magically vanish in the new model, as it’s just a better conceived machine.

The GTX 1050 Ti is a good budget card but the i3-6100 simply does not have enough oomph. To handle multiple cars on the screen you need computational power and thus a better CPU.

Not according to the info on the Microsoft Store it isn’t

FH3 windows
by Peter Smith, on Flickr

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The hardware requirements (for minimum settings) were lowered this year after better optimization of the PC version.

Somewhere is a press release for that (but I can’t find it right now).

edit: link added

The store shows the updated info which is correct (2017).

The other people here reffer to the ‘old’ infos from the release of the game in 2016.

With google search … you will mostly get the now incorrect old info from 2016.

I always get a chuckle when someone says a game is “broken” because it doesn’t work properly with their one installation on their specific configuration. The game is not broken. It works perfectly fine for millions of people all around the world every day with no issues at all.


Perhaps the OP first language isn’t English and hence “broken” is used for “not working”?


The thread title, along with the cut profanity in the opening post, makes for a clear message despite the quality of English. Whether he’s “disappoint” that he was sold a game that’s “broken” or “not working” is a meaningless distinction to the message that he essentially feels like he’s been hoodwinked.