I'm rubbish.

Can’t drift to save my life, so i’m looking for some advice from the pros on how to drift,
i usually oversteer or understeer or just stop.

A nice little drift build that i can use on all types of cars just to get me started,
i’ve just got the BMW M3 HE car with drift skills boost so going to start practicing with that for now.

Many thanks in anticipation.


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Once you have a drift car and tune for the game. Follow these steps.

1: go to the drift bucket list place next to the surfer festival. It’s a nice big parking lot in the city

2: practice doing donuts around the light poles in 1st gear. Try to practice sliding around and feeling how far the car will slide when you let up on the gass. And try to regrip.

3: once you feel comfortable sliding around in 1st. Try adding in the e break to slides to get the general idea

4: after you get the feel of sliding around drive around the map and try to drift some corners and practice.