I'm looking for split-lap positive negative time in hud

It would appear directly top center screen.

What do yo mean bud? That statement makes no sense at all. Your split times always appear on the HUD, unless you have it completely off.

I can’t find it in the hud selection. Not talking about best and last lap. It would tell you if you’re negative or positive at certain points on the track.

it does, i use hood view out of habit. when you cross a timing section line it pops a number up right in the top/center of the mirror, red is behind and green is ahead. at the bottom of the mirror a number in white pops up, its how many second behind you 2nd place is when they cross the timing line. that stops if you get over a full timing section ahead because you reset the counter before 2nd place gets to enter a time. last best and current are on the right all the time. ahead and behind pop up only at timing lines and only stay for a few seconds, its not a constant counter. if you notice green or red pop up for a few seconds thats what you are looking for. watch the top middle of your screen when you pass the finish line since the finish is always a timing line on every track, it only stays for 2 or 3 seconds.

Are you referring to the car ahead of you and a car behind if so. I’m not. Lets say I’m trying to improve my lap times. I’m sure it would help me out in the long run. For example lets say your ghost were on the track with you during a race. You wouldn’t be able to see it of coarse but if during the race the game could let you know if you are slower or faster in a section than your ghost.

not the 3 car listing to the left. the spit times. look do any multilap race in hood view. see the mirror n the top center? at the bottom of the mirror a white number will appear, every timing line, thats the car behind in seconds not feet. its there for 2-3 seconds every time even lap 1. there are no split times on lap 1 since there is nothing to compare it to, to be ahead or behind yet. starting at the 1st timing line after the start line on the second lap a red or green number will appear at the top center of the mirror, green is faster than your best lap and red is slower than your best lap. it compares every laps time at that point on the track against your best lap. its in seconds.

right click on this link and select open in new tab Mgh Plays: Forza Motorsport 4 - Becoming a Champion - Episode #1 - YouTube then come back here. its a fm4 video. skip to 10:15 and start watching. at 10:18 you’ll see the white number i was talking about pop up, the car is 3.169 seconds behind. notice the placement of the time. it disappears in about 3 seconds. at 10:43 a green number pops up. it says split-00.03.447 thats the split time. it disappears then another car behind time pops up a few seconds later of 7.164 seconds in white again. its there evidently in every view since the video is an incar view.

if you aren’t seeing the split times like in the video check you setting on the tv and make sure its not a zoomed in view cutting off the top of the picture. if the tv is fine go into career/profile/options/ and i cant remember if its settings or hud or setting then hud. set everything to default in the game. if you still cant see it go into xbox settings and make sure you have the right screen size selected. the splits are at the top center exactly where you expect them to be. either your are looking at the wrong times, looking in the wrong place, cut off the top of the picture, or changed a hud setting to not show it. by default it is there, red for behind and green for faster.

it does measure total lap time rather than just sector time, and it always compares current lap time to the best lap of the current race but it is there. it does not compare it to you best time ever unless it happens to occur in the current race.

Sorry for my confusion. I did find it thank you much.