I'm looking for a Koenigsegg CCX

I am having a hard time finding a Koenigsegg CCX on the auction list and if I do luckily find one, it’s too expensive.

So I am looking for a CCX, I will payout instantly with all the money I’ve got, which is 1.6 million credits right now. I hope anyone is generous enough to sell it a low price.

This car is an 80% completion reward for this week’s winter festival, any reason you can’t get it?

If there is one, I will help you get one next week. I will purchase a car from you that you can sell over 6.000.000, I’ll buy it and you can use the credits to buy the CCX which costs about 6.000.000 BO at the AH right now.

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Well because I have barely any have time to do the Seasonal event so I won’t even bother to finish those objectives asap. I also wanna update that I already bought a CCX but I would love to see you buy as well so I can sell that car as a auction. Let me know if you can able to do so ^-^