I'm laughing also at how this game could possibly be Game of the Year material (IGN)

Let’s just eradicate the erroneous nature of it’s release and how nearly every mode had visible problems from the Eliminator, to the creative hub, EventLab checkpoint placements etc. Accessibility and graphics seem to be the only factors worthy of a great game it seems these days.

What a joke the gaming industry has become.


I would never rate FH5 10/10 because it’s at least 11/10 if not higher.

Yeah, well everybody know (they should) that you can never trust anything coming from any rating site at all. Specially IGN.

Ratings are based on sells, not in if a game is good or not. FH5 has sold A LOT, and despite all its problems, it keeps selling. Dont blame anyone else but the customers.

Right now, the game doesnt deserve not even a 5.


Because it’s IGN.

On top of that, there’s at least one guy in their staff (Destin) who is a HUGE Xbox fanboy. He doesn’t even hide it, lol.


I’m a huge XBox fanboy and I’m still hard-pressed to rate this game above a 6.


That’s because you are honest. I’m a Forza fan boy, specifically Horizon and this game is not good. Just like Aqua said, nowhere near as good as FH3 and 4. My initial rank for the game was a 6 but lately I’ve been leaning towards a 5 even after all the “fixes.”


i’m a huge fan of forks, i use them everyday 20/10 would buy more



I am the G.O.A.T. in the Forza Franchise!

I wrote it so it is true, right?


Game reviews are much like movie reviews, they never match public opinion. In my opinion, if the reviews are 10/10 then the actual product is most likely a 3/10 at best. Rotten Tomatoes shows a prime example of what I mean, just look at the reviews from the professionals and compare them with the public.
Brave and Stunning and Broken does not equate to game of the year, and its quite clear none of the game reviewers even aged the game, just watched heavily edited propaganda clips.

IGN? Are they still relevant?


I’m having trouble remembering games I played that came out this year. This game may, in fact, be at the top of that pile. It’s almost certainly the best racing game I played that came out on XBOX this year.

Ever since the invention of money …

I’ve played a LOOOOOOOT of this game already. Definitely my game of the year.

After the latest hot fix I’ve got no issues with gameplay. I have traffic, I can see my buddies in convoys (like 95% of the time but still way better than before), I can set group routes, arcade works now…

Yes I still wish I could play eliminator with friends but other than that it’s pretty good. Halo doesn’t even have a co-op campaign yet, vanguard is a joke, bf2042 is… a typical battlefield release and what else is there? Unpopular games that nobody plays aren’t going to win. 15M players already on FH5…

It means nothing… Cyberpunk won BestGame and other Awards before release


As such as I am tired of people dunking on IGN, they do deserved to get dunked on for this one. Maybe you could argue for game of the year because it’s been such a dry year full of missteps, and underneath the mountain of bugs and terrible design decisions lies an amazing game, but it’s a bit laughable considering the current state of the game.

Seriously though, lay off IGN people. They may have gotten this one wrong, but they’ve been very harsh on games for years now, and people assume they still give everything a 9/10. If you ignore the number score (which is mostly meaningless anyways) and just read/listen to the reviews, they’ve been even more critical.

It’s like people would rather continue to ride the meme train than face the truth. There are way too many people out there who honestly believe that IGN gave Cyberpunk 2077 a 10.

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Give the developers a little credit. IMHO, it’s the best Horizon game they’ve made. Car sounds and physics stand out, which I’m sure will be tweaked and improved further throughout its lifecycle. Was bummed down about no performance mode on X-One-X but it’s so consistent and a treat for the eyes even at 30fps.

I don’t think it’s as good as FH3 or FH4.


You see, it’s always good to find players who game on Xbox/PC but aren’t a part of the Xbox fanboys clique, because players like you are able to see that the media isn’t “against the Xbox”, but rather chooses to go easy on the large publishers so they don’t lose their freebies.

Quantum Break for example is a good game, but it was broken on PC at launch and ran horribly on the Xbox One. Still got a 78 on average.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a very nice game, but it was unplayable on Xbox One at launch. Metascore? 90!

Meanwhile. Days Gone from the rival platform PlayStation was in a very poor state at launch and rightfully scored a 71 on average I think. Weird, as I thought the media favored PlayStation.

Media reviewers treat videogames as works of art and completely ignore bugs in their reviews. But games are not works of art, they’re software, and must be reviewed as such.


A handful sound good, the rest ranges from meh to catastrophic. They got engine revs completely wrong on most of the cars in the game.

The truth is that most of the audio work in this game when it comes to engines was remixing the old samples they already had and swapping samples around. The old Turbo Rally 1.6L sound for example was not removed from the game, but reassigned to the Manta 400 instead. Same with the old modern V8 sounds, which were hidden in the Monaro’s exhaust upgrades. Most old BMWs reuse that horrible sample from the E36 M3 in FH4, most McLarens use the same sounds from FH4 but remixed, and I’m pretty sure the Carrera GT uses a tweaked LF-A sample.

Almost everything that wasn’t in their early demos sounds worse. Cars that stand out are the Hoonicorn and the FD cars, which sound nothing like their real life counterparts, as well as a few Aston Martins, the NSX which is completely inaccurate, the VR6-engined cars, the Saleen S7, and more which I can’t recall from memory.

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If you play fh5 for 10 hours or less its the best game there is, its only when you start getting some time in it that you start to see how bugged and unfinished it is. so that it won dont surprise me at all. devs dont care how many hours you put in this game, they only care that you buy it and play once so that they get your cash :slight_smile: