Im both confused and concerned

so i am playing FH4 right now and i came across a player with a level of 2,999 a prestige badge of 10. is this person hacker or is this legitimately possible? should i avoid them?

Well, I’ve played FH4 almost every day (for at least six hours some days) since pre-release back at the end of September 2018 and I’m only Level 329 ★5.

To be fair, mine hasn’t increased a lot in the last few months and I spent a lot of time grinding for Skill Points early on and wasn’t fussed about the online aspect and just completed the regular game and any online elements to get 100%

If someone is addicted to online and are very good, then I guess it is possible, but they will have to been at it a lot!

i’m surprised
you are at about the same level as me but not played 6 hrs a day, except at release

ask DaReoCharmer what his level is
from memory he is prestige 10 and a few hundred levels
and he has played legit for it
Forza 4 junkie
over 700 wins in the Eliminator too

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Nearly 900 eliminator wins and i’m about to max out my prestige. Level 10 and level 2781. I do play everyday and its still the only game I play so I have over 4000 hours played. Closer to 4500 hours.

95% of my time was spent in online adventure and remember way back in the beginning freeroam was in all the rooms lol. So I had months and months to memorize areas of the map. Photographic memory does help as well but even knowing such things cant be overcome by how bad those cars are or arent tuned in eliminator. You really can see it when it rains.

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Let’s be honest anyone having reached such level would had posted on the forum to show his success. Let’s keep 0.00000001% for the one who did it and no one on the forum ever played with him. For 99.99999999% it is hack but since the game is not monitored at any point, nothing happens.

To know if it is legitimate, there is a quick test that you can try, go to his profile, compare your profile to his, go down to FH4 and look at the number of hours played. when profile is far under, let’s say 1000 hours, you can be sure that it is a hacked account. if profile is hidden, I would say that hiding is clearly not a move of someone who would actually play so much.

What is crazy is that players had to do that investigation thing plus, be sure, that whatever ticket you log about it, it will be closed like every others with copy/pasted text and a it is not allowed to communicate about the ban policy bla bla bla.


anyone over level 6 got there by cheating simple as that

Far from the truth I’m a level 6 player going on level 7.


Just not true
The game is 15 months old now
If within the first 6 months of agree but not now
i know some people that are prestige 10 and have got it without any cheats or glitches…just play the game …A LOT

If anyone is prestige 10 level 2999
…yep cheats

No. If I’d spent all my time in the game racing instead of making paints I’d be a lot higher level than the 6 I currently am. And you seem to ignore that level is not directly correlated with time played, so it IS possible to be a higher level than someone else who has played more. You can ‘buy’ level indirectly by buying cars with influence perks. I have hundreds of millions of credits; if I wanted, which I don’t, I could stop spending my time racing and instead just buy cars to milk their perks to level up quicker.

Then I could get to level 7 and be thought of as a cheat… smh.

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As I said you have lower league rating and less time played I’m mid level 4

Does that mean that you’re getting XP the fastest way? No. Farming skill points and banking in the right perk tree gains more XP in less time than racing online.


I’m prestige 5 and I don’t think i even play that much
I have 2 other accounts that are prestige 2 and 3
I’d probably be prestige 8 or something if i just played with 1 account
Again game is 15 months old
Just because someone is a higher level than you doesnt make them cheaters
More like some sort of jealousy
Level 10 at this stage of the game isnt that hard to be

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Seems like everybody has forgotten the Goliath Glitch.

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99% chance it’s a hacked account. People will mod accounts, giving them millions of credits, levels, and rare cars, then sell the account on Ebay for a couple bucks.

the big legend iz on mixer i think may be youtube he iz

1500 prestige 10 i think

Mixer is responsible for alot of megalevelers. They finally shut down many of the abusers, now they just have teams where you can watch pretty much 24/7 3-5 streamers through Mix Play. The abuse can still be there, but it sucks up your bandwidth. When I stream my Mixer station, I am usually the only one watching. lol

Max level maybe not possible but there are a few Prestige 10 and their current level is consistent with their knowledge of the game. To win 700 Eliminators like DaReoCharmer did requires knowing every rock and tree in the game’s map and being skilled on top of that.


The max level for the final prestige is 2,999 according to this short article. Is it legitimately possible? I would believe so, this game has been out for a very long time now. Can’t remember names of the players I ran into since you matchmake with so many people but I remember witnessing how formidable part of those players I’ve met were, and that was no more than 3-4 months ago. I doubt anyone of them would be hackers.

Yes, although bear in mind that in races, most of the influence you get is not related to skill or finishing position but distance travelled, except in Eliminator.

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Ooo. A whole thread dedicated to “this player is this level THEYRE A CHEATER”. No wonder the forums are dying. It’s just a bunch of complaining.