I'm back! (kinda)

Im back!!! If you remember me My previous gt was CKR Falken,I used to post on fm.net forums on the daily then slowly stopped posting along with playing xbox, but I’m back now!!

Im also not too sure how on many remaining Forza vets are around but I posted in the Forza 4 forum earlier because I don’t own Forza 5 just yet but Ive been looking to get In touch with old friends from the good ol’ Forza 2 days. If you remember me or CKR or dont and would like to drift shoot me a PM or a message on xbl. If the drifter community is anything like how it used to be on here I’m sure someone would remember me.

Clutch kick revolution…?

Welcome back to Fm ;D

Yeeeeaaaahh buddy!! Definetly starting CKR back up, also I miss you fubar, I need some paints!!

Been ages since i heard CKR lol but still remembered.
Yeh FM5 painting isnt as fun n NOOOOO where near as rewarding as the other games lol

Lol well I don’t even have Forza 5 yet but that’s a bummer, a lot of people hve been telling me about the differences in the games.

You’ll love it.

I hope so, I missed out last week when horizon 2 and forza 5 were a package deal, pretty much been bumming since.