I'm already put off by FM6

I don’t understand why we need a 6, why do they need to be numbered at all? Why not just have one product and treat it as a service? When you keep releasing new ones it really puts me off wanting to get invested. You can constantly bring new cars and tracks and you can make changes the the engine, it isn’t like you rebuild the game on a new engine each time.

FM5 was my first one and it never changed, glaring issues were never fixed, the game didn’t evolve, the online died and the whole thing was a waste of money as far as I’m concerned. The whole Hopper thing sucks, I don’t understand how you expect that online to ever take off? It doesn’t bring players together, it splits them up and it feels dead, there is no social hub, no way to see player numbers… it sucks. Why can’t you just copy iRacing? This is what I meant by building a service, you have an account, rating systems, penalties and actual meaning to each race.
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The menu system never improved, it’s so slow and cumbersome, there are too many needless layers and I’m still doing things like watching the overlong pre and post race animations. No day/night cycle, no weather, no qualifying, no practice, no pit stops, no simulation to tyre wear and fuel loads. Basically FM5 had nothing and nothing was fixed throughout it’s life, instead all that will be fixed in 6 [MM]. So when 6 comes out I can know that non issues that game has will be fixed.

Releasing whole new releases doesn’t work for this type of game, you just just create a service and keep updating it, maybe even release it on PC too. That online needs to be fixed, it needs to become like iRacing, if not then I’ll still continue to play iRacing, there is no need to play a sub par game. Learn that less is more, there is no point having hundreds of cars if you’re not going to simulate them, a lot of cars in FM5 and especially in GT6, they aren’t properly simulated and just feel like some generic template.

  • we need a solid 60, not the horrible smearing juddering 30 of FH2 and not the 40-60 of FM5, it needs to be a smooth 60.

Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t iRacing cost monthly and then you also have to pay for new content? You put a one time payment on Forza, maybe a bit more if you want some DLC. Companies exist to make money, not to just please people.



Although if we’re gonna be able to be up close with the cars at least model them right first lol.

It’s the sixth in series so it’s FM6. Following your logic we’d all have had to keep our antique original XBox and have a hard drive full of DLC and patches. I accept that the amount of totally new content varies with each release but the game has changed dramatically since the original and it’s now on its third platform. DLC aside, T10 have never been much into updates. As one game is released they’re already working on the next rather than dribbling through small updates and fixes for the current instalment. Personally I like a fresh new game every couple of years.


While there is no prerequisite for actually having to have played a Forza title for any amount of time to have an opinion on the matter, the OP’s Forza history doesn’t lend me to believe there is much reason to assume the thoughts in his or her post reflect any fair amount of Forza gamers.

I, for one, eagerly await the sixth and I suspect the boat is filling up rather quickly.


He states that 5 was his first. His gripes are the same as many have posted about already. As far as you last sentence that boat has gotten smaller and smaller since FM3. FM5 wasn’t T10 nor MS best foot forward and since we are looking at history, the companies history suggests will won’t be pleased with 6. It is what it is. Either way if 6 is amazing people will still be left with the feeling thy were duped by 5 due to it’s lack of everything non-visual.


Some people… Are just not smart at all… Forza 5 was pushed out the door by microsoft because they needed it as a launch title. Forza 6 will be great and a fully complete game. Stop blaming turn 10. Stop whining period. Stop playing and sell your game if you are so mad that u “wasted” a couple hours wage to buy a game that you dont like but are still discussing it nearly 2 years later.

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So, are you “already put off by FM6” and wishing the Forza franchise become a subscription based service? Because that is the part that I was directly responding to.

I know its the edgy thing to do, to keep harping on Forza Motorsport 5 for its faults. But, the OP’s original point (despite going off it numerous times) was that he or she is already “put off by FM6” and would rather see the brand mimic the structure of iRacing. That is, seemingly, the discussion here. Not how bad or good you think Forza Motorsport 5 is. There are existing threads for that.

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I’m not looking forward to it like FM2 or 3. I have been disappointed with 4 and completely see the lack of attention to detail in 5 as it relates to simpler things. I think most of us could understand the lack of tracks/cars this go round. But the distance meter, lack of view able telemetry, etc made it seem as T10 just knows their are more blind loyalists than dissenters and focus on that. I am not ,looking forward to FM6, I’m looking forward to P-Cars and other games that may better suit what I care about and enjoy, rather than a franchise that now dedicates itself to the participation trophy crowd who’s attention span isn’t long enough to realize what is missing from this franchise.


mic drop and walk out. Worded perfectly and totally encompasses my laments as well.

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Pardon, ‘distance meter’? Are you referring to the draw distance? Because yes, I have noticed objects popping in on the horizon. It’s actually more noticeable in Horizon 2.

I stand by ECT on this let the blind lead the blind thats the problem
In that sense T10 dont know what they have til its all gone. Meaning there the ones destroying this community by taking away so much and giving so little. No thanks to FM5, but on that note they take away stuff and give back through DLC. Why should we pay more for what should have been there from the beginning.

This imo, is very well put.

I will probably not buy into a new franchise, I will stick to FM for convenience only, but I believe you nailed my issue and perception of the development/progress/state of the union.

The low blows are real today. Be careful though, you’re likely to be found guilty by association.

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If the discussion here is about whether or not forza remains as its current form or moves to the platform as a service model, I have to agree with the OP.

It doesnt necessarily need to follow iracings model, it could be an adaption of the general Free to Play model.

Either way, its the direction FM should move IMO.

Hmm … what if both options were made available? The traditional full game platform and the ability to go buffet style with a free-to-play model?

It could, possibly, work.

The day Forza goes free-to-play is the day I stop playing.



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Nah, that would be CPL’s vs Hoppers all over again.

Release the base framework (engine etc) with a handful of tracks and cars for free.
Then use the iracing model of 1 car = x, 2 car = x with discount, previous purchases = discount etc.

Then continue to expand the platform with more tracks and cars.

For this to happen they would need to IMO use a new engine that will allow them to scale the platform into the future. Long term support. Not a 2 year cycle.

Your choice, but let me ask you this.

Every FM game since FM2 has had more removed from it, compared to what has been added.
Wouldnt you much prefer a way to have everything inclusive over the years to make a great roster of tracks and cars, compared to shelling out for a supposed AAA title and being disappointed consistently everytime. I know I would.


I can’t recall a time I’ve been disappointed by a main Forza title, so no, not really. I’d rather pay upfront rather than spew money away over time for half a game.