Illegal cars and why are they still being used

There are now four illegal cars that have glitches in the tuning and PI.
Mazda RX 3
65 mini

The mini Cooper and the Fiat have both been banned, but people are still putting times on the leaderboard’s with the Mazda and the Ford fiesta
I realize some people don’t tune their own cars, but if your stats say ,4.3 speed, and your car goes 150 miles an hour , something is not right and you should know better to use it. Maybe some of you just don’t care and want to get your name on the top. And that is just plain cheating
Turn 10 please fix this

Theres probly 50+ cars that can be glitched. The hoppers are full of them.
A lot of scrub now thinking there pro drivers now.
The rumor has it, there a patch coming tomarrow with the new car pack.

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Hope so. Any word on what is going to happen to leaderboard times? Are they going to be considered dirty or wiped away?

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Its unfortunate, but I think the leaderboards need to be wiped clean. I know this would not be favorable to those who posted legit laps, but why should others benifit from an exploit?

Funny watching these little buzz boxes blow by my 400hp v8!!

They can wipe specific models from the leaderboards, they can wipe cars with specific tunes and they can wipe specific gamertags. They have done this before and will continue to do so. It takes them a few weeks to figure out the issue usually, and then a couple more to get the leaderboards cleaned up.
However bare in mind that there will always be certain cars that do well on certain tracks. this does not mean THEY are cheating too. So once the wipe is done, don’t be surprised to see one or two cars at the top.
They’ll just be there through natural means though, not 10 seconds ahead. lol

the mk2 golf gti is also fubar. Were into October, hopefully they will fix the glitch before they release the new car pack

Mostl vw, ford’s ,mazdas, civics, lotus, alfa and many more.

Civics? All the fast ones I’ve seen are using FWD.

97 and the two old ones can be fast with the glitch.