iHomie OG - The Art of Machine [Jan. 23. 2016]

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Hey everyone, welcome to my FM6 gallery.

Little bit of background on what you’ll see here, I take photos in forza as well as IRL, plus other games, so you’ll see a mixture. I’m a big fan of B&W, and architecture shots. I would describe my style as a bit moody, and atmospheric. Hope you enjoy your time looking though!

Previous Work

Set List

Wins and Features

First Batch

Looking through the forum, it seems like everyone has gotten fairly accustomed to this game. I am not. Here are some of my first shots.


I wonder what it will be. :slight_smile:

Oh I will be

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I’m excited for this thread! :slight_smile:


oh the suspense!

This gon’ be good!

The suspense is killing me…


Haven’t seen you post as much, hope everything is well with you


@Pebb - Lot of fun things in there!

@KTVDS - haha watch closely.

@Insane Ridicule - aha I’m glad!

@IONizzle - Thanks!

@Hooker - we’ll see if it was worth the wait.

@ExtraGazelle - I hope so!

@Aces - Well I’m here now!

@KTVDS - Thanks for the concern. My life has changed hugely in the past two months, and with that, a much busier schedule and different priorities. But I’m all good :slight_smile:

First set is up!!

Ah ha…you’re still that amazing photography you were in Horizon 2. Fabulous job iHomie

It was well worth the wait!

I really like the first shot, haven’t seen anyone use the puddles so well before

also this one is superb…

The first shot is awesome and I love this -

Great stuff Homie!

I have to agree, this shot is quite awesome Homie, excellent work in here :smiley:

I like the composition and lighting in this shot.


The first 8 shots are fantastic