iHomie OG ♦ Dec 31st ♦ Year End

Welcome to my gallery!

I’ve been taking photos in forza since FM3, and have come to love the horizon series.
I’m also a photographer in real life, and I try to mimic my editing style in forza’s photo mode.
Take a look around and enjoy the photos over the upcoming seasons

Photos are stock unless mentioned otherwise
Comments and critique always welcome

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★ Explored on Flickr ★

★Explored on Flickr ★

★Explored on Flickr ★

★Explored on Flickr ★

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A taste of what’s to come

I went into this game thinking that autumn would be my favourite season, but winter is just way too pretty…

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Second and forth shot are amazing!!!

Thanks BV! I attempted the fourth shot again in the full version and I think I nailed it

Insane shots so far, good to see you back!

Thanks KTVDS, good to be back

Thanks for looking

Impressive work with every last shot but this one is really special


beautiful shots man
I love the light photography, light,warm colors

Thanks for stopping by guys, I appreciate it!

The first buggy shot really does it for me. Though the rest are just as stunning!

The tone and composition of the first shot with the Polaris(?) is my favorite. I always try to dabble with low contrast but they never come out as good as this.

The sense of warm feelings in these photos are truly breathtaking. Wonderfully done.

Amazing shots again!!

I am loving the soft black and white levels in this wonderfully setup shot.

Great stuff. My instinct is always to pump the contrast and never miss a chance for a pure black – but these shots are lovely. Very inspirational. Thanks.

Fantastic shots!